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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 45 (Saturday 5 October 2002)
A Challenge for a Cat
"Hello, I'm David Beckham. You might remember me from being in the Sim Brother house until a few weeks ago. Now, I'm stood outside it. Yesterday, Dave returned to the house after agreeing to behave. We have still got to see whether he is good to his word. He was shortly followed by an uninvited guest. The Poor House now have a stray cat who they are calling "pusspuss" for the moment. However, what does Sim Brother have in store for them today? You'll have to watch and find out."

A Messy Problem
7.51AM - Samuel was the first one up and was irritated with the cat littering the yard. He went straight to the Diary Room.
Samuel - "I know it's only a stray, but could you give us one of those box things for the cat?"
Sim Brother (sc) - "Samuel, if you all tidy up the house by the end of the day, it will be given serious thought."

More Mopping To Do
11.11AM - A sink blockage caused a flood that interfered with the minitask. Nevertheless, Serena and Samuel were quickly mopping up the mess.
Samuel - "The things I am going through, just for a stray cat that might not be staying long."
Serena - "She's cute. It's worth it doing it just for her."
Samuel - "If we keep tidy, so does she ... or he. Even I don't know what sex it is. Do you want to find out?"
Serena - "No way!"

Rich Assistance
12.44PM - Lucy was the first one in the Rich House to get up and she immediately got to work preparing brunch.

2.07PM - Over an hour later, Nicole was the last one in the house to get up and was immediately called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Nicole, the Poor House are tidying up their side of the house in order to get a litter tray for their cat. If you help by making your side of the house spotless, the cat will also get a scratching post."
Nicole - "That's all very nice for the moggie but we don't get to play with it. What's in it for Lucy and me?"
SB - "If you succeed in tidying your side of the house by 6pm, you will be rewarded for your effort with a refill of punch and a roast turkey dinner."
Nicole - "Sounds fair enough to me."
Lucy agreed to go along with it and while Nicole tidied up inside the house, she cleared up the remnants from the party buffet and did some gardening.

Reward & Exasperation
6.12PM - Sim Brother announced the result to the house.

Sim Brother (sc) - "With the combined efforts, you have significantly improved the upkeep of the house. The cat will get its covered litter box and a scratching pole. For their participation, the Rich House will receive a Turkey Dinner and a bowl of punch."
7.14PM - Despite having a Litter Box and a scratching pole, the cat still decided to litter up the yard. Samuel was not very pleased.

Samuel - "Hey, puss, we worked our ****s off for you to stop you doing this! Either do it in that box thing next time or your *** will be feeling the toe of my shoe!!"

Richly Rewarded
9.03PM - Over in the Rich House, they have received their reward with evening gowns to go with it and discussed what they had done to get it.
Nicole - "I feel good having worked for something. I wonder how long it will be before we have to fight for our position."
Lucy - "One or both of us may be going down. Something is coming ... and soon."

Achievement and Admission
10.41PM - Samuel noticed the cat using the Gunginator instead of the yard and alerted everyone - "Hey! Puss is a smart one. She's got it right! Go do it, pussycat!"
11.56PM - Everyone else was asleep but for Dave who was talking to the cat - "You're so cute. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be hating it in here. Yes, I would. You're such a lovely kitty. I hope you stay here too."
And that is where we have to leave it. Tomorrow, Sim Brother will be bringing things back to normal for the housemates. The temporary ceasefire and working together cannot last. It's time to fight for the Rich House ... but do the Poor House want it now they have some company in their yard?

Tune in tomorrow.


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