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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 46 (Sunday 6 October 2002)
Fighting for the Right to Choose
All of the housemates had been busy tidying the house. The Poor House were rewarded with a gunginator and scratching pole for the cat. The Rich House were rewarded with a turkey dinner and a bowl of punch. However, Sim Brother was going to change the balance of power yet again.

Morning in the House
7.45AM - Serena was the first one up in the Sim Brother house and had a shower. The cat was awake shortly after and made use of the scratching pole that the housemates had got it through yesterday's task. The rest of the housemates took their time in getting up. By lunchtime, the only other one awake was Nicole.

Nicole's Fear
2.46PM - By early afternoon, everyone was awake. Nicole and Lucy were having a late lunch.
Nicole - "You know one thing that is really strange? I come from Australia but I don't like plane travel."
Lucy - "I know stranger things. A lot of people don't like plane travel. The complimentary drinks they serve helps put your mind off it.."

Back to the Board
3.34PM - "This is Sim Brother. Your battle today is against each other on the dartboard and the gateway in the garden will be opened up.
  • Each housemate will throw three darts at the board.
  • The highest scorer gets to choose which side of the house they want to live in.
  • The highest scorer also gets to choose a maximum of two other housemates to accompany them.
  • Those housemates who were not selected will go into the other part of the house."
  • 4.00PM - The housemates went in alphabetical order.

    Dave went first and set the benchmark with 174
    "I practiced a bit in the SBS bar. Just try and beat that!"
    Lucy's score was 150, but not good enough to be top.
    Nicole missed with one dart. Her other two darts only got her 56.
    "That was complete c***!"
    Samuel surprised everyone and scored a perfect 180.
    "Am I the big cheese or what?"
    Serena's only hope was to tie it but she could only score 26.

    Sam's Choice
    5.30PM - Samuel got dressed and came to the Diary Room.

    Samuel - "I don't know if this will make me unpopular but I only want to share the Rich House with Serena."
    Sim Brother - "Thankyou, Samuel."
    7.19PM - Samuel & Serena were soaking in the Hot Tub.
    Serena - "Did you think it was wise only asking me to join you?"
    Samuel - "You're the one I know the best. I know the others might not think it's fair, but that's the way the game goes. There are nominations coming up. It wouldn't surprise me if I was having to leave."

    Who will play me?
    9.27PM - Nicole had a chat with Dave about her Hollywood Career.
    Nicole - "What I find strange is with being an actress, I don't know who could play me if they made a movie of this series."
    Dave - "How about Kylie who was in 'Moulin Rouge' with you?"
    Nicole - "Thanks, Dave. And you'd probably be played by Jim Bowen."
    Dave - "Who?"
    Nicole - "Exactly."

    Three Housemates and a Cat
    11.18PM - The housemates had settled in fairly quickly. Nicole had got acquainted with the cat but was very annoyed when she found that someone (probably Lucy) had clogged the toilet.
    Once again, Dave was the last housemate up. He appeared to be pleased to still be in the Poor House as could be seen by him hugging the cat.
    And that is where we are going to have to leave them.
  • Will Sam's selection have some effect on Wednesday's nominations?
  • What should the cat be named?
  • What do the psychologists have to say about developments?

    Tune in tomorrow.


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