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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 47 (Monday 7 October 2002)
Time for Reflection
Sim Brother upset the balance of power again with the return of the dart board as a quick decider as to who went were. Samuel won with a perfect 180, chose to stay in the Rich House but only chose Serena. He could have chosen another person but decided not to. How will the other housemates take it?

Poor Choice
9.52AM - Lucy did not look to be too happy with being in the Poor House. Nevertheless, she was up and having her breakfast. Samuel, who could have chosen her or one of the others, was up, dressed and showered and spoilt for choice as to what to make for breakfast.

Concern and Worry
1.13PM - Dave had a chat with Nicole about his regrets of not having got changed while he was in the Rich House for the Darts Challenge.
Dave - "I haven't changed my clothes since I came here."
Nicole - "I can tell. We'll have to see if something can be done."
Dave - "I'm also a bit concerned about Lucy. I don't really think that she's settling in over here. I reckon she is too used to creature comforts in the Rich House."
Nicole - "She's lived over in this half before. I'm sure she can settle in. Until then, we've got to do our best to help her be settled."

Remote and Alone
4.16PM - Lucy was sat around the fire. Unlike the others, she was not interested in the cat. She was quiet and appeared to be contemplating her future. Samuel was also lost in thought. He was the only one up in the Rich House. Serena was still fast asleep.

Where is Serena?
6.19PM - Dave and Nicole are still talking.
Dave - "From what I've seen, Samuel is the only up in the Rich House."
Nicole - "I wonder if he's bumped off Serena?"
Dave - "It would liven things up a bit. We'd get to live over there."
Nicole - "Sadly, I doubt that he has. We're stuck over here."
Dave - "Oddly enough, I'm getting used to it. I didn't think that I would. Also, I don't really want to leave any more but I think that I will be."
Nicole - "Now don't be silly. Being nominated isn't everything it's made out to be. You've seen how things have been on the outside. You've seen who's popular with the viewers and who isn't. I'm sure you're more popular than you think. Now give us a hug and stop worrying about it."

Nicole's Thoughts
9.25PM - Nicole comes to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Nicole, and how are you?"
Nicole - "Not bad, thanks. I just thought I'd come and say hello. It's been a bit quiet today. The cat seems a bit distant, but I've got on alright with Dave."
SB - "How do you feel Lucy is settling in here in the Poor House?"
Nicole - "I don't think she is. I hope she does settle. Otherwise, things will be difficult for her. She's not making an effort with the cat. That might help her."

Closing Down
10.38PM - Samuel came to bed. Serena had been in bed all day.
11.18PM - Nicole found the cat playing around in a pile of rubbish, making it even worse that it had been before. When she told it to stop it, the cat completely ignored her - "I don't know what's up with you today, puss, but you seem a bit funny. I don't know how to make you feel more settled. I hope there's nothing wrong."
And that is where we have to leave it.
  • Is the problem with the cat only temporary?
  • How will Dave & Nicole's friendship develop?
  • Does Sim Brother have any other surprises?

    Tune in tomorrow.

  • Viewpoint
    Professor Mortimer Goth of SCU gives us his insight into the state of play in the house and how different methods have been applied to improve the housemates' sense of well being..

    "With the series passing its halfway stage, the housemates are now anticipating the end of the series. With there being fewer housemates, they all know each other quite well apart from perhaps Dave. However, Dave shares some similarities with Serena. Neither of them are fully trusted by the other housemates. Serena is not trusted because of the belief that she is a plant and Dave is not trusted because the housemates don't know him as well."

    "With there being fewer housemates, their intention to push themselves further becomes more paramount. Sam's selection of only one housemate to share the Rich House with him may make him temporarily unpopular but it provides him in an environment with less antagonism and competition. Four of them have been in there from the beginning whereas Dave has been only in the house for almost two weeks. For the 'old timers', winning the show seems to be evident in their thinking."

    "All of the 'old timers' housemates have played with relationships. Nicole had a fling with David, Lucy has had a flirtation with Sam who is the only one in a surviving relationship with Serena. The fact that these relationships have not lasted shows that they were more for security than out of a genuine need for affection."

    "Different methods have been used to improve the housemates' morale and wellbeing. Their own nightwear was one of many subtle ways that this has been done. The latest method to improve their morale has not yet been realised by the housemates. The decision as to how long it remains part of things has not been decided but the cat may be removed and the change in the housemates' behaviour monitored closely."


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