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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 48 (Tuesday 8 October 2002)
The Gnome Makers
Yesterday was a quiet day in the house. Serena had slept all day leaving Samuel alone in the Rich House. Lucy also kept to herself leaving Dave and Nicole time to get better acquainted. The cat, however, seemed rather aloof. With a lull in the flow, Sim Brother might have something prepared to change things again.

Sleepy Serena
8.25AM - Whether it was the sound or the smell of Sam's fryup, Serena had finally woken up and joined him at the dining table.
Samuel - "So what happened yesterday?"
Serena - "You won the darts and invited me to join you over here. That's a pretty crazy question."
Samuel - "That was the day before yesterday. It's now Tuesday. You slept all day. Check with Sim Brother if you don't believe me."
Serena - "Hey, there's no way I could sleep all day. I'll check it out later."

Mid Morning
11.17PM - After her breakfast, Serena spent a long time in the bath trying to get her bearings. She couldn't believe she had been asleep a full day.

Over in the Poor House, the cat had ran away from Nicole when she went to play with it.
Nicole - "What on earth's the matter with you, you mad moggie?!"

Choose your Captains, Select your Duellist
1.18PM - Sim Brother (ar) - "This is Sim Brother. Both houses will stay where you are until you have selected a captain. Once the captains are appointed, they will immediately report to the Diary Room."
With there being fewer housemates, the appointments were quite simple. The quickest was the Rich House.
Samuel - "I don't mind doing it."
Serena - "Fine by me. I still think it's Monday, though."
The Poor House was almost as quick in their appointment.
Dave - "I propose Nicole to be our captain."
Lucy - "Same here."
Nicole - "Oh well, that's decided then. I'll go and see what her invisible ladyship wants from us today."
1.45PM - Sim Brother - "Both captains will select someone from their team to compete in a duel of making gnomes."
Samuel - "I've got no choice. I'll choose Serena."
Nicole - "I choose Lucy."
SB - "Workbenches will be sited in each garden. The Gnome Duel will start shortly."

Duel of Gnomes
2.30PM - Serena and Lucy were by the workbenches, facing each other across the fence.

Sim Brother - "You've got three hours to show how many gnomes you can make. The clock will stop exactly at 6.30pm and only gnomes that are on the ground will be counted. Go."
They immediately got straight down to work. Neither of them were skilled and it was very hard going but one of them had a very slight edge towards the end.
6.30PM - SB - "Down your tools" They did as they were told. "Lucy, you have completed two gnomes. Serena, you have only completed one. Lucy, you will enter the Rich House through the gateway in the living area. Serena, you will pass through the same gate to the Poor house."

Serena in the Poor House
6.55PM - Serena was the housemate who had been the closest to the cat. However, when she went to stroke it, she experienced the same negative response that everyone else had been getting with the cat running away

Serena - "What's wrong with the cat, Nicole?"
Nicole - "Beats me. It's been like that with all of us."
7.32PM - Serena spoke privately with Nicole about their fellow housemate.

Serena - "I think Dave must go next week. I'm going to nominate - "
Nicole - "Whoa! I don't want to hear a thing about that."
Serena - "What? ... Oh. I might be lucky on this. I'll know by the end of the day."

Escape to Paradise
9.37PM - Serena, Lucy and Dave were busy chatting around the fire that they failed to see that the cat had squeezed through the fence into the Rich Garden. When Lucy had come through the divide, she had gone straight to bed and Samuel was appreciative of the company. However, the cat did not seem to be as interested in him.

Sam - "I don't know what's up with you but you don't seem to be very happy to be over here. I want to be your buddy, but if you don't want to be mine, I can't change it. I'm not sending you back and it's up to you if you want to stay over here. You're more than welcome. Just don't crap in my garden. OK?"

The cat didn't appear to take the slightest interest in what Sam had to say.

Growing Closer
10.28PM - Even without the cat, Dave appeared to be opening up and his relationship with Nicole was getting closer.

Dave - "Has anyone told you that you're a very attractive young lady, Nicole?"
Nicole - (giggles) "Quite a few people. You don't get many ugly people in my line of work. However, there's been nobody who has reminded me of it in the last couple of weeks."
11.52PM - Later, after she had showered, Nicole passed Dave on her way into the house and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Nicole - "I'm going to bed. Don't worry about tomorrow. I reckon everything will turn out alright."

Dave watched her as she went into the house, turned and smiled.
And that is where we have to leave it.

  • Who will be facing the public vote this time tomorrow?
  • Is there a future to Dave & Nicole's friendship?
  • Will the Poor House notice the cat has gone?
    Tune in tomorrow.


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