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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 15 (Friday 1 February 2002)
Sleeping, Singing and Swimming
A Good Night's Sleep
With the task over, the housemates had all got back to sleeping in their beds and getting a regular sleep cycle. Yesterday had been rather stressful and several of the housemates did not know which of the others they could really trust. Also, they had all come face-to-face with some reality that their fate is now in the hands of the viewing public and now everything does not revolve around their cosy chalet-like existence.

When they all came into the house, the eight contestants had to agree to wear special dream analysers that meant the Sim Brother Production Team were able to see images of what they were dreaming. This night, all of them dreamt and the results were sent to the team to analyse.

The eight housemates have now been in the house for two weeks. This time next week, the first eviction will take place, and the process of reduction will have begun.

Good morning, Housemates
Some of them started to get up around 6am and they are were all up and awake by 8:15 and were wondering what was in store for them today. Even though the fire task was over, Jerry had already lit the fire and was sat gazing into the flames.

Jennifer cleaned up after breakfast. When she passed Tom, he remarked - "I'll have to tip the waitress for the excellent service here". She grinned.

Anne, who was one of the nominees, spent the morning reading the magazines that were available on the coffee table. By early afternoon, she had learnt a lot more about the political situation of Eastern Europe.

Tony's Singalong
All of the guys were gathered around the campfire singing along to Tony on the guitar. Jennifer came over to join them and asked - "Does your singing quartet want to be my backing group?"

The Campfire Singalong broke up at around 11:00 AM and Tom went to cheer up Anna, who was a bit low about being nominated for eviction.

Tom - "You're a really pretty girl, Anna. Nobody in their right mind should have nominated you".
Anna - "You are so good to me, Tom".

What Anna does not know is that Tom was one of those who nominated her.

Show me the Money
In the middle of the afternoon, Sim Brother called the housemates together to have a meeting to decide how they are going to spend the §1,000 reward money for successfully completing the task in Week 1.

Tony took the chair and recommended that it should not be squandered. MNM made an insulting remark about Tony's friend Gordon, totally disagreed and said the reward money should be spent on something appropriate to the task they succeeded in. He recommended a hotplate. Jerry and Davina both agreed with him.

Tom disagreed with how the money should be spent. He recommended something that was enjoyable and brought up the idea of a swimming pool. He was immediately backed up by all of the other girls - Anne, Anna and Jennifer.

Tony abstained from the voting and the majority vote for using the money to get a swimming pool was carried. As if by magic, a very small Swimming Pool appeared in the garden.

The housemates spent the rest of the day uneventfully. Jennifer had a dip in the new swimming pool but did not stay in there very long. She was actually the only one who went in the new pool, despite four people having voted for it.

Davina and Anne talked together about plans and both of them had trips to the Diary Room. Tomorrow afternoon, they had a birthday party to finalise and look forward to. As long as Jerry didn't get to find out.

The First Eviction - Latest Odds
Maximus Bookmakers in downtown SimCity have given the latest odds on who is going to be evicted next Friday. Their first odds were "3-2 On" that MNM would be the first out of the door and Anna K was the most likely to stay with odds of "10-1". However, the odds have recently closed somewhat.

Anna K (4/1), Anne R (4/1), MNM (Evens)

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