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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 49 (Wednesday 9 October 2002)
Surprising Nominations
Once again, there was a change in the Sim Brother house's "status quo". A duel of making gnomes was won by Lucy who traded places with the unlucky Serena. However, another housemate from the Poor House came over to the Rich House. The cat.
With it being Nomination Day, how are the housemates going to be feeling once everything is known?

Good Morning, Housemates
8.12AM - Lucy was the first one up. Although she was back in the Rich House, she did not appear comfortable. Nevertheless, she prepared breakfast. With it being Nomination Day, she appeared as though she had something on her mind. Samuel was the next one up and he appeared to have the same concerns.
9.00AM - Less than an hour later, the Poor House were all up and awake. Serena was doing the washing up, which was quite a turnaround from her earlier behaviour, Nicole was making the beds and Dave was making burgers for the house's breakfast. Strangely, they did not seem as bothered as the Samuel & Lucy.

Don't knock the guy!
10.11AM - Lucy had Sam moaning about Dave.
Sam - "I don't know what it is about that guy but he doesn't seem to fit in."
Lucy - "I think he's alright. We haven't given him a chance."
Sam - "What? You're a strange one. He could be another plant from Sim Brother like Serena is."
Lucy - "He might be. He might not be. Who knows?"

And the cat is called ...
12.05AM - Lucy is playing in the garden with the cat, who appeared receptive to her attentions.
Lucy - "You're quite cute. I going to call you 'Polo'. What do you have to say about that?"
Polo - "Miaow."
1.24PM - Samuel was playing with the cat.
Samuel - "Hey, pusspuss. As you're a boy, I'm gonna call you 'Thomas'."
Thomas just purred.

Serena's Second Warning
2.25PM - Serena was pushing her luck again with Dave and told him that she wouldn't be nominated because she missed it last time and he would be because he was a relatively new face to the others.
Sim Brother (rl) - "Would Serena please come to the Diary Room?" She came in and sat down. "Hi, Serena. This is just to let you know that you've got another Official Warning for talking about nominations last night as that's a big 'No No'. Also, you can't tell Dave that he's going and you're not. You don't know that. OK?"


3.00PM - The housemates were all gathered, either around the campfire or playing darts. Dave was called to the Diary Room.
SB - "Hello, Dave. Could you please tell me the person who you think deserves to win the series?"
Dave - "Er.. Nicole. Don't you want to know who I want to nominate for eviction?"
SB - "No. Could you please tell Lucy to go to the other Diary Room?"
Dave - "Sure."
Lucy also chose Nicole as the one who most deserved to win.

Nicole chose Lucy as the person who most deserved to win.
Samuel chose Serena.

Serena said Samuel deserved to win.
All of them were quite confused as to why they hadn't been asked to make nominations for eviction.

Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother. This week, the person who you feel most deserves to win is Nicole, who will receive §1,000 when she leaves the house. This week's Nominations for Eviction have been decided by Sim Brother. They are, in alphabetical order ...

Lucy and ... Nicole and ... Serena

Nicole - "Ha! They've chosen all the girls. Well, guys, you're up next time whether you like it or not."

Lucy's reaction
3.15PM - Samuel - "Well, whaddya know? How do you feel about that?"
Lucy - "It had to happen sometime. If the public think I am interesting, they'll keep me in and vote for someone else. If they don't like me, then I'm out of the door and onto the Interview Circuit."
Samuel - "I'm sure you'll be here after the next eviction. More than likely, Dave and I will be the next nominations."

Poor Puss
4.25PM - Dave - "I think our cat is not going to be as well off over there as it was over here".
Nicole - "I wonder when she was last fed."
The cat did look quite lonely though as Sam and Lucy were still busy playing darts and it did not want to get in the way.

Dave in Action
10.35PM - Despite earlier high spirits, Nicole appeared rather depressed. Dave went and comforted her.
Dave - "Hey, I was expecting to be into my last week here. I didn't expect you to be up. Anyway, you've beaten it before. You can do it again."
Nicole - "Serena is a Two Times Survivor. Lucy is outspoken and the public might prefer that."
Dave - "Stop this negative thinking right now! If you stop it, I'll invite you onto my show when this series is over."
11.41PM - Dave's unusual enthusiasm has taken the better of him and he got his own back on his tormentor of earlier in the day. He went over and teased Serena with - "# You're being evicted, I'm staying in here, Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nyaa! #"
And that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • Will Dave and Nicole's friendship continue to develop?
  • Is there any spark at all left between Samuel & Lucy?
  • How does Serena feel to be up for the Third Time?

    Tune in tomorrow


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