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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 50 (Thursday 10 October 2002)
May the Force boldly go
Sim Brother once again managed to get the edge over the housemates by choosing all of the girls to be up for eviction. The housemates did manage to vote for the person they thought deserved to win and Nicole would receive an extra §1,000 when she left the house.

However, can Sim Brother surprise them any more? Read on.

Before Dawn
2.52AM - Sam had woken up to find that Lucy was already up and about. Sam appeared more relieved than the day before, but would this last?
With "Thomas Polo" now being a resident of the Rich House, while everyone was asleep, Sim Brother had moved over its gunginator and scratching pole.
5.28AM - On the other side, Nicole was the first one up and after dressing came to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (jej) - "Good morning, Nicole. How are you feeling now you are up for eviction for a second time?"
Nicole - "I was upset , but I'm not so bad today. I'm racked off that I didn't get to make my nominations for eviction, but I got half of what I wanted if you know what I mean."

Lucy's Admission
2.22PM - Lucy came to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (jej) - "Hello, Lucy. How are you?"
Lucy - "Perhaps it has finally got to me that the public are now deciding what happens to me. I thought I was comfortable in here. Now I am not so sure."
SB - "How do you think you are being perceived?"
Lucy - "That is what is worrying me. I don't know. I know I've not shown my best. I hope they don't evict me because of it."

Happy Anniversary, Sim Brother

4.00PM - Sim Brother (jej) - "This is Sim Brother. Because it is the Series Director's Wedding Anniversary, Sim Brother would like to give you a party. The theme of this party will be Sci-Fi and Karaoke. The interior of the Rich House has been redecorated and the themed outfits are available in the wardrobe."

6.25PM - All of the housemates dressed in the outfits that were provided. Nicole and Serena were a bit puzzled as to which Sci-Fi series or film their outfits were from..
Serena - "I know where the guy's outfits are from, but what about ours?"
Nicole - "It isn't any series that I know. They look smart, though, I'll give them that. The only identifying mark I can find says DLE."
Serena - "Deep Launch Exploration?"
Nicole - "Deluxe Edition probably."
The guys seemed to be quite sure of who they were - almost.

Samuel - "Hi, I'm Captain Simsko of Deep Space 5."
Dave - "I'm Dave Vader from the Dark Show."
Samuel - "Hey, watch where you're waving that thing!"
Dave - "Sorry. It's my first time with a lightsabre."

Karaoke Time
8.33PM - A couple of glasses of punch and Lucy was the first one to brave the karaoke. Serena and Sam - and the cat - were riveted to the spot to her rendition of "My Boy Lollipop".

9.15PM - Samuel did the theme from "Shaft". Surprisingly, he did it word-perfect. Almost as if he had been "Shaft" himself.

Closing Down
10.33PM - Dave was fitting into his role quite well, but was rather careless with the way he was waving around his lightsabre.

Nicole - "DAVE !!! You nearly had my head off with that thing!"
Dave - "Oops, sorry, Nicole."
11.29PM - The party was breaking up. Lucy was still eating when Dave Vader walked past on his way to bed.

Lucy - "I really must find out what's in this cake. Have you enjoyed the party, Dave?"
Dave - "Yes thanks, Lucy. I was going to sing 'Bad to the Bone' but I'm too tired. Goodnight."

And that is where we are going to have to leave it.
Tomorrow, things are going to be back to normal. The housemates are going to have to adapt to the everyday existance and another trip to the battlezones.

Tune in tomorrow

The microphone and Darth Vader skin came from 7 Deadly Sims.

Behind the camera
Yes, it's my Wedding Anniversary.

This is what Loz & I looked like four years ago today.
I'm the one on the left.


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