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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 51 (Friday 11 October 2002)
Let's go fishing!
Sim Brother once again managed to get the edge over the housemates by choosing all of the girls to be up for eviction. The housemates did manage to vote for the person they thought deserved to win and Nicole would receive an extra §1,000 when she left the house.

Can the housemates be surprised any more? Of course they can.

Suspicion and Sincerity
8.28AM - Dave and Serena were sat around the campfire roasting marshmallows before preparing breakfast.
Serena - "Dave, you know how I was viewed on the outside, can you tell me anything about how people see me?"
Dave - "I know who people see you but I'm not going to tell you. I had a very uncomfortable place to stay for divulging outside knowledge. No thankyou. Not again."
In the Rich House, Public Perception was also on Lucy's mind.
Lucy - "I'm a nice girl, aren't I, Sam?"
Samuel - "If you want flattery, you've come to the wrong guy. I think you are good looking, intelligent, charming and devious all in one go. You're fun to be with but you know how to throw the cat among the pigeons."
Lucy - "Thanks. Just what I needed to know. You're a big help, Sam."

Get out your Rod!

12.30PM - Sim Brother - "Please proceed to the Battlezones. You're going fishing. All housemates will be involved in this battle and the average yield per team will decide whether you win or lose the Rich House. This battle will continue until you are all exhausted."

3.57PM - Over on the Poor Side, Dave managed to find a boot but his next catch was a trout. Nicole wasn't very successful but Serena did manage to add another boot to their haul.

The Rich Side were not having much luck either although Lucy did have an impressive way of casting her rod.
4.32PM - Lucy had packed in and was returning to make some dinner.
6.06PM - Dave's reel was jammed. Nicole had given up and Serena looked as though she was going the same way.
7.11PM - Sam was still fishing on the Rich side. He was only dredging up moss.
8.36PM - Sam had given up. Dave was still at it, although neither of them had caught anything else.
Samuel - "I'm calling it quits. I think I'd better pack my bags."
Dave - "If you're calling it a day, I should do as well. I've enjoyed it."

Sim Brother (sc) - "This is Sim Brother. Samuel and Lucy have an average yield of 0. Dave, Nicole and Serena have an average yield of 0.34. Therefore, Dave, Nicole and Serena are the new tenants of the Rich House. Samuel and Lucy, please relocate yourself in the Poor House. The doorway in the living room are now open."

Making themselves at home
11.41PM - The housemates had made themselves at home in their new parts of the house.
Dave was enjoying his supper in the Rich Garden. Nicole was having a soak in the hottub and and Serena was helping herself to a glass of punch.

Samuel and Lucy were fast asleep. None of them knew how permanent their placements would be.
And that is where we are going to have to leave them.
  • How will Dave settle in to being in the Rich House?
  • Will he change his clothes?
  • How is Nicole now feeling about being up for eviction?

    Tune in tomorrow.

  • Credits
    The Fishing Pier that can be used from home can be found at Sim Wardrobe


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