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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 52 (Saturday 12 October 2002)
Relaxation and Depression
A Fishing Trip did not turn out well for the Samuel and Lucy. They caught nothing and therefore ended up in the Poor House.

How will the housemates get on today? Read on.

Dave's Morning in Paradise
7.17AM - Dave was up quite early and enjoyed his first hot shower in the Rich House.
8.30AM - After getting dressed, he used the food processor to prepare a cooked breakfast that wasn't salads or burgers for his housemates.
11.05AM - Making the most of the experience, he spent a lot of the morning dancing away to songs from the jukebox and singing along to one of them - " # I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky # "

Samuel is down
Sam prepared burgers for breakfast. However, after finishing the cooking, he put the plate down, and put his head into his hands. This was the first time the man looked depressed and the situation that he had found himself in had driven him here - "Why can't they just pull the damned fence down and let us all get back together?"

A Sharp-dressed Man
1.24PM - Dave had changed into a suit and with the confident new look, the charm came oozing back and he tried his luck again with Nicole, who didn't seem to mind.
3.15PM - Nicole and Dave were having dinner together.
Dave - "How on earth have you managed to put up with all this changing over?"
Nicole - "With difficulty. It's great over here. It's not so hot over there. You just expect you'll be moving and then fight your hardest to make sure you get it or keep it."
Dave - "I don't envy you. I just hope this fence comes down soon."

Leaving Potential
3.15PM - Over in the Poor House, Samuel and Lucy were going through the poor-house routine of roasting marshmallows.
Samuel - "I've had enough of being in here, Luce."
Lucy - "Why do you say that?"
Samuel - "All this swapping and changing has got me down. It's no fun over here. Part of the magic has gone. I don't think I'll win. I think I might walk."
Lucy - "There's only three and a half weeks to go."
Samuel - "That's just it. I don't think I could last that long. I was having fun. Now its the pits."
Lucy - "So if you walk, when do you think that would be?"
Samuel - "Tomorrow or Monday."
Lucy - "Go and talk to Sim Brother."
Samuel - "Probably a good idea."
Sim Brother (jej) - "What is the matter, Samuel?"
Samuel - "I've just had enough, Simbro. The incessant backwards-and-forwards, not knowing what battles are coming up and whether we'll win or lose has got to me."
SB - "Could it just be 'one of those days'?"
Samuel - "Could be. I just think I'd be better off getting outta here."
SB - "Samuel, Sim Brother recommends that you see how the rest of the day goes, sleep on it and come back tomorrow if you feel the same way."

Serena has had enough
4.53PM - On the other side, Serena had been looking low. She had eaten alone and appeared to have something on her mind. She also had come to the Diary Room with a similar problem.
Sim Brother (jej) - "How are you feeling today, Serena?"
Serena - "Ready to walk. I don't want to wait until Wednesday. I'm sure people think I'm a plant. You know I'm not. I know I'm not. I can't tell them I'm not. I'm just so frustrated."
SB (inaudible sigh) - "See how the rest of the day goes, sleep on it and come back tomorrow if you are feeling the same way and we'll talk again."
Serena - "Okay, Sim Brother. Perhaps the day might improve. Perhaps it won't."

... and Lucy has to cope with it all
5.30PM - Serena appeared to have taken Sim Brother's advice and the Rich House shared a soak in the hottub.

7.02PM - Sam was still frustrated and telling Lucy about how he was feeling - "I am just so tense. I am missing playing golf, my family, my friends - "
Lucy - "Just stop your whining, Samjax! You are probably going to be here to the end. You could win this. Get a grip of yourself, have a good sleep and you'll be thinking differently tomorrow."

Dave in the Diary Room
8.00PM - Dave was called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "Hello, Dave. How are you feeling being in the Rich House?"
Dave - "It beats being in the Poor House. The house would be better with the divide down. I think morale is dropping in the Poor House."
SB - "How do you feel about being in the house now?"
Dave - "I've got no plans to leave. I was unfair about this show. I think it has its merits. I'd like to be here to the end. I don't deserve to win, but I'd like to be here until the last night."

Girlie Chat
10.05PM - Over a glass of punch, Serena decided to talked over some of her worries with Nicole.
Serena - "I am sure the people out there don't like me. I've survived before. I think my time is up, Nicole."
Nicole - "You don't know how it is going to go. It could be me who's meeting Will on Wednesday night. We're too close to the end of show for you to think about going. Hang on in there, kid!"
With a couple of glasses of punch down them, the conversation turned around to men.
Serena - "I've had no luck with the guys in here. I fall for Tom. He gets evicted. I get close to Sam and we get split up. I wonder if that conniving witch has got her claws into him yet."
Nicole - "I'm not much better. I got quite close to David. What happened? One background sound in a phonecall and he jacks it all in and leaves. I am getting close to Dave but I'm not sure where that is going."
The subject then drifted around to who would play who if there was a film of the series.

Nicole - "Dave said Kylie would play me. I think Halle Berry would be the best to play you."
Serena - "Knowing my luck, they'd cast Whoopi Goldberg to play me."
Serena finally broke down and revealed what was on her mind - "I'm NOT a plant, why do people think I am?"
Nicole (hugging her) - "I know you're not, Serena. I know you're not."
Serena - "Why do people think that I am?"
Nicole - "Because you are viewed as a threat. Hopefully they will see it on the outside."
And that is where we have to leave it ...

  • Will Samuel and Serena decide to leave the house?
  • What plans does Sim Brother have for them tomorrow?
  • Has anybody seen the cat lately?

    Tune in tomorrow


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