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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 53 (Sunday 13 October 2002)
Romance, Tension & Passion
Both Samuel and Serena came to Sim Brother and voiced their thoughts of leaving. They were advised to sleep on it and come back today if they still felt the same way.

So, what will they have decided? Read on.

No more pussy in the house
4.48AM - The cat was caught on the cameras in the garden at the foot of the Paradise tree.

4.57AM - The cameras next picked up the cat outside making a bid for freedom. The Security Guards were unable to catch it.

Different views of morning
7.58AM - Dave was the first one up and appeared bright and refreshed. However, it was different on the other side. Samuel appeared quite low and Lucy tried to give him some encouragement.
Lucy - "You look like you didn't sleep well."
Samuel - "I didn't. I had a think about things. I think I'll stay."
Lucy - "Great! You've made the right choice. Remember you're not on your own with this."

Where's our pussy?
10.02AM - It was Dave who noticed the cat appeared to be missing.
Dave - "Anyone seen the cat?"
Nicole (<--) - "No. Isn't it in its crapping shed?"
Dave - "No. It's not around here anywhere."
Serena (<--) - "Perhaps it's in the garden."
12.20PM - The cat was still on their mind later when they were outside playing darts.
Nicole - "I don't think the cat would have walked, do you?"
Dave - "It got in here of its own accord, it could leave the same way I suppose."
Nicole - "I'll miss it not being here."
Dave - "Me too, but life has to go on. Perhaps it didn't like being cooped up. It probably didn't fancy the idea of §100,000-worth of catfood"

Uncertainty in a New Jacket
5.56PM - Nicole was having a "Healthy Living" ready-meal for her dinner and both Serena and Dave were both having a few glasses of punch.
Serena - "I don't know what I was thinking about yesterday. I'm going to stay until my time is up. Anyway, do you think Sim Brother will throw anything at us today?"
Dave - "Don't tempt fate. I don't think so. I hope not. What I don't get is why my suit wasn't waiting for me today. If that is a way for Sim Brother to mess me about, it's working. I luckily found this "Late Show" jacket. I am tired of wearing the same stuff."

Over the Fence and Low
6.25PM - Lucy and Dave talk over the fence.
Dave - "Has the cat moved over your side of the house?"
Lucy - "No. I thought it had been a bit quiet on your side. Anyway, how are you finding it being in the Rich House?"
Dave - "It's more fun than being in the Poor House. It would be better if the Divide came down."
Lucy - "Hopefully soon. Otherwise, we'll all go mad."

Different Frustrations
6.51PM - Although Dave says he is enjoying himself in the Rich House, Nicole was starting to get frustrated with the cleaning - "I've lost count of the amount of times I've loaded this *******!"
7.26PM - Samuel and Lucy were having a salad for dinner.
Lucy - "I'm starting to feel like you did yesterday. It's been no fun today. There's nothing I can do to get rid of this boredom."
Samuel - "Well, just hang in there. This Divide can't be up forever. When that comes down, things should be more fun."

Yes, it's love!
11.18PM - The days of speculation and theorising came to a head when Nicole and Dave finally kissed each other. A chat about a TV interview, a joke about a goldish and an alien and likening Nicole's hair to recently threshed wheat lead up to it. Through the wonderful science of Simcology, we can tell that their feelings are more than friendship.
The progression to the bed was only to be expected.
And this - surprise surprise - is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • How will Nicole and Dave feel the morning after?
  • What is Sim Brother going to do about the Divide?
  • Will the housemates be at war tomorrow?

    You know what you've got to do. Tune in tomorrow and find out.

  • Outside Rumours
  • David Beckham has become a fulltime househusband while Victoria is pursuing a career as a supermodel. Well, she's starting. She's working on the Cosmetics Counter in the local branch of Simworths.
  • George W Bush was last seen washing dishes in the Simcity Hilton Hotel.
  • Tom Jones is rumoured to be a Celebrity Greeter at the 18-hole Diego Bay Golf Course.
  • Geri Halliwell has been seen shopping in Downtown Sim City. This is not confirmed.

    When these rumours are confirmed, we will produce the evidence of what they are up to.


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