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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 54 (Monday 14 October 2002)
The Bowmen of Sim Brother
The cat escaped over the wall, but the housemates didn't seem to miss it that much. Dave and Nicole were more concerned about getting their claws into each other ... and they did!! Serena & Sam? They were still there.

Intruder Alert
1.31AM - Sim Brother security guards are able to handle almost every type of intruder. There had been various attempts from different tabloids to try and get close enough to be able to get a message to the housemates about outside events and ratings in the polls. However, there was one type of intruder that they did not want to touch. Outside the main wall was some of the local wildlife. However, Sim Brother Security immediately called Animal Control to get rid of this skunk.

Gradual Risers
7.40AM - Samuel was the first one awake, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and had a good stretch. For the first time in many nights, he had slept inside.
9.14AM - Nicole was the next one awake and had a shower. Dave and Lucy were already stirring on the different sides of the house but Serena was still fast asleep.

Battlezones and Bows
The Rich House were all awake and had just finished dinner. The Poor House had been roasting marshmallows when ...

Sim Brother (jej) - "This is Sim Brother. Could both houses please proceed to the Battlezones?"

2.00PM - "Welcome to the battlezones for the usual prize of residency of the Rich House. Your weapons today are bows and arrows. Your objective is to score as many bullseyes as possible in one hour. Six points will be given for an arrow in the inner bull. Three points will be given for an arrow in the outer bull. The total score per team will be divided by the amount of team members. The team with the higher average will win or retain the residency of the Rich House."
The first bullseye was to Nicole. "Errol Flynn played Robin Hood and he was Australian like me. Some of it must have rubbed off"
The second bullseye was also to Nicole, shortly followed by one for Serena. Their form continued throughout the hour.
3.00PM - "Put down your bows. The battle is over and there is a definite winner. Nicole scored 18, Serena scored 9 and Dave did not score. This total score of 27 is a team average of 9 points. Samuel and Lucy did not score anything. The status quo remains unchanged. The Rich House belongs to Nicole, Serena and Dave."

After the others went back to the house, whooping and cheering, Lucy and Samuel remained in the battlezones looked completely demoralised. Considering none of them had scored even an outer bull, a zero score was not something to be proud of.
Lucy went on ahead. When she was gone, Samuel, once again, broke down in tears of despair.

Dining after the Battle
5.51PM - Sam and Lucy were having burgers for their dinner. They did not have anything to say being too too devastated to talk following their defeat.
Over in the Rich House, dinner was a more lively affair.
Dave - "Whatever you think, collecting cars is not my idea of fun. I prefer to collect yachts."
Nicole - "You're kidding me."
Dave - "You'll never know until the show's over."
Serena - "All I know is that we're here for tonight."

On the Night
8.22PM - Dave was enjoying it all and with a glass of punch, he watched Nicole dancing to the jukebox. After she finished dancing, they hugged and it was obvious that there closeness of the night before was not just a one-off. However, Dave went to bed early leaving Nicole and Serena, who decided to have a soak in the hot tub.
11.52PM - Serena and Nicole are the only two people who are still up in the house. They are having a soak in the hot tub.
Nicole - "It would be great if they had a party for us on Wednesday night. I'd rather be half gone before I get out."
Serena - "Me too. I'd give Will Wright an interview he'd never forget."
And that is where we have to leave it.
  • How will Samuel and Lucy be tomorrow after it has sunk in?
  • How long are things going to stay as they are?
  • When will Sim Brother be bringing the divide down?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.

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