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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 55 (Tuesday 15 October 2002)
Nudity and Unity
Hi, I'm Geri!

You might remember me from being the second eviction from here and before you ask, no, I am not going back inside. The housemates are currently having a good time but let's see what their day has been like.

Morning in the House
It was a fairly typical morning in the Sim Brother house. Samuel prepared breakfast for himself and Lucy. Both of them had been quite low since losing the archery contest.
Samuel - "What would you like for breakfast? Potato salad or a green salad?"
Lucy - "Whatever."
The Rich House had a soak in the jacuzzi where the subject of conversation was fashion, style and modelling.

Serena - "When I leave here, I think I will become a fashion model. I wear stylish tennis outfits so it's only a lateral progression to model stylish clothes."
Nicole - "I've heard Emperor Fashions have some new clothes in that they want modelling"

Divide Despair
1.59PM - Dave and Nicole were kissing in front of Serena as if she wasn't there. She was not impressed and went outside to speak to Samuel over the Divide.

Serena - "I'm fed up with those two behaving like lovestruck teenagers. I feel like the odd one out and I wish the Divide was down."

Hot Problems
The air conditioning appeared to be down. In order to remain cool, Dave and Nicole had stripped off. Fortunately our cameramen were able to save the show being axed by only getting a rearview shot of Dave ...and Nicole.
Serena - "When I watch the Late Show, I'll look at you differently from now on."

Relieved and Reunited
7.11PM - The Housemates were instructed to go to their respective bedrooms and music was piped in.
Serena - "I wonder what's up?"
Nicole - "An intruder perhaps."
It was what the housemates had all been waiting for. The Divide had come down. As part of the renovation, Sim Brother technicians were renovating the larger garden and installing a swimming pool.

9.14PM - It took 1Å“ hours for the technicians to finish the job and unlock the doors to let the housemates out. They were overjoyed and their first move was to dress up in lavish costumes by way of celebrating. It was also the opportunity to reunite old friends as Nicole and Lucy hugged.
Dave told Sam how much he enjoyed his work, especially the part he played in the "Lethal Weapon" series. Sam was too polite to tell him that he had been mistaken for Danny Glover. However, while they were all busy, none of them had noticed that the Poor Bedroom had been boarded up. What was Sim Brother doing inside?

Grateful Dave
11.07PM - Dave came to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (rl) - "Hi, Dave. Nice costume!"
Dave - "That's very kind of you to say. I just wanted to say thankyou for bringing the Divide down. I haven't been here as long as the other guys but in the time I have been in here, I've noticed how demoralising it can be. I think that bringing this divide down will make us all feel a lot better for the eviction tomorrow. I don't think any of the girls are looking forward to it."
And that is where we are going to have to leave it.
  • Which of the girls will be starting her last day in the Sim Brother house?

    You can find out tomorrow ( SB - which is now today )

  • Behind the camera
    I apologise for the delay in the posting of this report. This was due to "Real Life" constraints holding me up and I hope this has not marred your enjoyment. Please tune in again at Midnight to find out who has been evicted and what they have to say to Will Wright.


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