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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 56 (Wednesday 16 October 2002)
Eviction Night No.4
Welcome to Eviction Night
Here I am in the Diary Room. I've got to be very quiet in case the housemates hear me. They are all gathered in the Living Room waiting for me to tell them who is going to be evicted. However, before I give one of the girls the news she is on the way out, we'll first have a look at what they have been up to today.

7.51AM - Nicole and Dave are up and having breakfast.
Dave - "How are you feeling today?"
Nicole - "A bit nervous. I am not looking forward to tonight."
Joined by Serena and Sam, they went into the garden to roast marshmallows

Lucy's Career Plans
11.34AM - While some of the others dispersed to shower and get dressed, Lucy came out and joined Sam. Her thoughts were on leaving.
Lucy - "I think I might change my career and become a singer."
Samuel - "Well, you can have some practice by singing along. # Bom lap go da hogie ..."

Serena's Plan
1.04PM - Serena was also talking about her plans once she left.
Serena - "When I go, I think I'll buy myself a car."
Nicole - "What do you have in mind?"
Serena - "Either a small runabout or perhaps go offroad with an SUV."
Nicole - "I get my vehicles from Andy's Autos. The pricing is pretty good."

Awaiting the Moment
The rest of the afternoon and evening flashed past for the housemates and they gathered together to wait for the judgement. I am now back in the Studio and I'm just connecting with the house.

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. Can you hear me?" They all replied in the affirmative. "This last week the public have been voting for the three girls in the house. The polls have now closed and the votes have been counted, checked, rechecked and independently verified by someone who happened to be walking past the office door. With 49.59% of the votes, the fourth eviction from the Sim Brother house will be ..."


SB - Come back later for Serena's Eviction and her moment with Will Wright.


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