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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 56 (Wednesday 16 October 2002)
Serena's Eviction Night Interview
Goodbye, Serena
"Serena, will you please leave the Sim Brother house?"

Serena tried to hug Sam but he didn't want to know. Instead, she got a hug from Lucy before she went out of the door flanked by the security guards for the brief walk to the studio for her interview with WW.

Serena Williams' Interview

Will Wright - "Hello, Serena. How does it feel to be out of the house?"
Serena - "I'm absolutely furious about it if you must know, Will. I went in there to win and I've come out without being in the last four."
WW - "Well, you survived a couple of evictions but you weren't third time lucky. What went wrong?"
Serena - "You tell me!"
WW - "How did you feel being one of those who hadn't been up for the vote to go in?"
Serena - "Quite honoured in fact. However, I don't think the others thought the same."
WW - "Did you know there was someone who was convinced you were a plant?"
Serena - "No, who? George? Samuel?"
WW - "Lucy."
Serena - "The b**** !! I thought she was my friend. I am so going to kill her when she gets out here."
WW - "Very Helenesque."
Serena - "What?"
WW - "It doesn't matter. How did you feel on Day 11 to win a place back in the Rich House?"
Serena - "I felt good. I felt even better when I got a kiss from Tom. It's a pity he was evicted. I wish I could have had the chance to f-"
WW - "Tom did send a message from the Diego Bay Golf Course where he is working as a Celebrity Greeter saying he'll be coming over to see you very soon."
Serena - "That's nice of him. I look forward to that so I can f-"
WW - "After Tom left, you were also became quite close to Samuel."
Serena - "I never really knew where I stood with him. Sometimes it was on, sometimes it was off. He wouldn't even give me a hug when I left. Little Miss Superbitch will be moving in on him now I'm gone, I'm sure of it!"
WW - "Well, you did have quite a bit of the action. From dancing in a cage, from sleeping for an entire day - "
Serena - "I still don't know how I did that."
WW - "Well you, were involved in quite a lot. I know you weren't a plant. You knew you weren't a plant. You said you wanted to buy a car when you got out of here."
Serena - "Yes, I did."
WW - "Andy's Autos were on the line and have given you a Hunter SUV as a courtesy car until you decide which one of their models you would like to buy at trade price. Why don't you come over and have a look at it?"
Serena - "Wow, this is great!"

WW - "Now Serena has got her car keys, she's happy. Tune in tomorrow to see how the housemates are handling things without her. Thankyou for watching."


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