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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 57 (Thursday 17 October 2002)
And then there were Four ...
There are now only four housemates remaining. Serena was the 4th Eviction from the house with almost 50% of the vote. The housemates have still got to come to terms with losing another of their number, but Sim Brother will not give them time to breathe, let alone time to reflect.

Breakfast Interrupted
8.44AM - It is the morning after Serena's eviction. Nicole was the first housemate to get up and after getting dressed, she prepared breakfast for the house. From the smell of the cooking, within minutes of the breakfast plate being put down, they were all helping themselves and were gathered around the Dining Table.
Samuel - "I wonder what Sim Brother will throw at us today."
Lucy - "I hope he's considerate. We've just gone through a stressful day."
Nicole - "There are only four of us now. I feel that a lot of what we are getting up to is out of our hands."
Dave - "Well, you two girls can sleep safely knowing you are into the last week. Samuel and I will be up next time."
Nicole - "There's still the voting for the most popular. That's a bit stressful."
Their conversation was cut short.
Sim Brother (sc) - "This is Sim Brother. Although the divide has come down, the stakes are higher. You will still be having battles and the rewards will be given to the successful ones on the outside. For today only, you are going into the Battlezones to play volleyball. This game was last until one of you gives up. For each point scored, the team gets §1,000. For the winning team, they get §5,000. You have until Noon to divide youselves up, choose your team strips that are available in the wardrobe and assemble in the battlezone going through the doors in the north side of the house."

Let's Play Ball!
12.00PM - "Hi there, I'm David Beckham and I am your commentator for the Sim Brother II Week 9 Volleyball Challenge. Coming onto the Volleyball Court now are the Samuel & Lucy who are playing in the Red. Playing in the Blue are Nicole and Dave. Nicole gets to serve first ..."
"The game was fairly one-sided as the first two points went to the Reds before the Blues pulled one back. The recovery did not last for long as the Reds scored another to lead 3-1."
"Nicole and Dave then changed into a higher gear and made a more concerted effort. They scored 3 points in succession to lead the Reds by 4-3. Samuel and Lucy were stunned but did manage to pull back an equaliser to make it 4-4."
7.05PM - The housemates had been playing for seven hours (SB - yes, I know it's unrealistic but this is "The Sims") and were tired. Samuel was serving for the Reds.
Samuel - "I don't know about you guys but I'm hungry. Shall we call the next point the match point?"
Nicole - "Sounds fine to me, Sam."
"The final rally went on for about an hour when Nicole finally smacked the ball over the net to make the final score

Blues 5 Reds 4

"This has been a brilliant match, even exceeding the marathons played between Anna Kournikova and Tony Blair. Samuel & Lucy have §4,000 to split between themselves and Dave and Nicole have §10,000 to split between themselves. The Winners shared a team hug ...and the Losers made Dinner."
Samuel - "I wish we'd whooped them. It would have made up for the Archery."
Lucy - "We did our best. We were just unlucky. Nicole is probably a Bondai Beach volleyball champion and hasn't told us."

Too tired for anything else
10.08PM - Nicole skipped dinner and went straight to bed. As she had scored most of the points, she was completely exhausted. Her dreams were of a political nature, but it could not be ascertained whether it was about the household political balance or whether she had aspirations for a new career.
11.51PM - Dave was the last one up. He was exhausted but he was §5,000 richer for a physical afternoon and evening. He must have been more exhausted than he thought as after he had turned the jukebox off, he fell asleep on the floor.
And that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • Is Sim Brother going to continue to apply the pressure?
  • Are the Housemates going to get a leisurely day?
  • Will the Secret of the Poor Bedroom be revealed?

    Tune in tomorrow.


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