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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 16 (Saturday 2 February 2002)
Jerry's Party
Tom was up first and made breakfast for the house. Sim Brother had given them a food processor with the reward money left over from buying the swimming pool and this reduced preparation time. Tom feels confident about his position in the house, but inside he may be feeling guilty for the methods he has used to get there.

Over breakfast, Jerry remarked - "I've never really had parties on my birthday. I've always been too busy researching for my shows to get around to having one. Oprah had her 40th birthday on her show, but I can't get to my show".
Anna asked him how old he was, but he gave an evasive reply "As old as my gums but a little bit older than my teeth

During the morning, Jennifer knew her relationship with Tom did not seem to be going anywhere and decided to tell Tom what she thought about the way things were going - "Tom, you are a nice guy and I like you a lot, being I'm *** ** with being strung along".
Tom - "Aww, c'mon Jennifer. It's just a bit of fun".
Jennifer - "No, Tom. We're stuck with each other for another 3 weeks. Accept it and make your mind up soon as to where you are coming from and where we are going". (SB - Very profound)

MNM found himself in a queue outside the bathroom when he wanted to have a bath and asked Jennifer- "Who's in there?"
Jennifer - "Auntie Annie"
MNM - "She'd better get a move on. I'm starting to hum".

By mid-afternoon, Sim Brother and the housemates were ready for Jerry's party. It just required a diversion and at 03:15 PM, Sim Brother called Jerry to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother said he had a choice of present for Jerry. Jerry either got §1,000 to spend on something for his own benefit or a party for him and the house with cake, pizza and punch. Jerry replied - "I think the housemates could with a party. I'm not much on them myself, but it will be the last weekend we will all be together".

When Jerry left the Diary Room ...


Sim Brother - "Because it is your birthday and you're missing your TV show, we brought your set to the house, so you could feel at home and it will stay this way for all of the coming week. Happy Birthday, Jerry."

The rest of the day was spent partying that everyone appeared to enjoy. Oddly enough, there was no more kissing and very little hugging. Before they started Jerry had one favour though to ask of Sim Brother and it involved one of the cameras being exclusively on him for a few minutes. Sim Brother agreed.

Final Thought
"There are people in the world who use others for their own advantage. They upset them. They hurt their feelings. How can they do it? This is wrong. To the users, think of the used. They have feelings, and they are people too.
"Until next time, take care of yourselves ... and each other".

The question the Sim Brother Production team were asking was whether he was indeed referring to "people in the world" or "people in the house".

Tomorrow, the housemates would find out what Sim Brother has planned for them over the coming week.


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