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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 58 (Friday 18 October 2002)
You've never had it so good
Sim Brother threw a volleyball marathon in for the housemates. With §1,000 per point and §10,000 for the game, it was fiercely contested. Despite being ahead, Sam & Lucy lost to Dave & Nicole on a match point.

What does Sim Brother have for them today?

Order of Rising
6.44AM - Dave was the first one up and took the opportunity to have a bath to rest his aching back and joints.
7.15AM - Samuel was the next one up and he showered, as always wearing his unshrinkable Golkan beret.
7.42AM - Lucy was the third housemate to wake up. Still bleary-eyed, she headed first to the coffee pot for a pick-me-up.
9.05AM - It was over another hour before Nicole appeared in the living room, attracted by the scent of a cooked breakfast.

How do you feel today?
12.00PM - Sim Brother had instructed the housemates to wait outside in the garden until further notice.
Samuel - "I wonder if they are going to open up the Poor Bedroom?"
Lucy - "You can call me pessimistic - "
Samuel - "Hello, pessimistic!" :)
Lucy - "Very funny. As I was saying. they are probably going to make things worse for us."
Sim Brother (jej) - "Will Nicole please come to the Diary Room?"
Sim Brother - "Hello, Nicole. Could you please tell Sim Brother how you feel about the Divide coming down, your feelings including any favourite moments and how you are feeling about the next time you face the public vote."
Nicole - "I am very glad that the Divide has come down. Although I did not mind being in the Poor House, I appreciated it more when I was in the Rich House and the luxuries that were in it. I am very glad I will be in the final three and I hope that I get to be here on the finals night. I've lasted longer than Tom did in this series. That's one victory I can notch up."
Samuel - "I really like having a proper bath and soaking in the hot tub. Bringing the Divide down has been the best thing you have done since the show began. I get to talk with everyone and I've got more room to relax. I'm a bit ticked off at losing the fishing and moreso at losing at volleyball. We were sooo close. I suppose it is to be expected that the public will start voting on Wednesday for either me or Dave. If I stay, great! If I lose, oh well. It's only a game."
Lucy - "I'm pleased the Divide is down. I get to talk to everyone, I get to soak in the hottub and dance to the jukebox. I get to have a hot shower and use an autoflushing toilet. I don't feel too pleased about losing the volleyball yesterday. We nearly won, but nearly winning means losing. Oh well, it happens. I'd like to win the show. I don't think I will, but I'd like to be in the last two instead of just being in the last three."
Dave - "I told you on how pleased I was to be in the Rich House. I enjoyed my fishing and it will be something that I will boast about for years to come. It's good to be able to sleep in a comfortable bed and share it with someone who means something. I was wrong about this show. It is not boring. It is challenging and it is fun. If I get voted out, then that's the way it has to be. Mind you, I'd rather stay and see the show through to the end. I might even win, you never know."

Serena's Prediction
1.48PM - During Serena's interview, she had predicted that Lucy and Samuel would become an emotional relationship again. Her prediction started to come true as they hugged each other out of comfort. It appeared as though Serena's prediction had come true when they kissed passionately ... apart from it was Samuel and not Lucy who had done it.

Losing Privileges
3.00PM - The housemates were once again gathered together at Sim Brother's instructions. Nicole was the last one to sit down and hadn't even got comfortable before Sim Brother began.
"From what you have told Sim Brother, you still refer to the Rich and Poor Divide. You are now in the Sim Brother house. You are not in the Rich house. To dispel that myth until you realise that you have to work hard for your comforts, the hottub has been removed and exits from the pool have been removed."
Dave - "Hey, that's not fair."
SB - "All housemates - whether they have been in here from the beginning of the show or not - should be aware that Sim Brother has the right to change the rules and the circumstances of living in the house when so inclined."
Nicole - "So what have we got to do to get these privileges back?"
SB - "You need to get fit and healthy. This week's challenges are all about Survival of the Fittest. Benchpresses are now available in the stone-tiled room for your benefit."
Samuel - "Stone-tiled room?"
Lucy - "I bet he means the Poor Kitchen".
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you tomorrow with your next instructions."
Samuel - "Thanks a bunch, Sim Bro."

Training Hard
4.25PM - Samuel and Lucy immediately got changed into something more practical and got down to training. Both of them were pushing themselves as hard as they could.
6.46PM - Joined by Nicole, they were still all working hard to improve their fitness. However, they were still waiting for someone. Dave had gone to bed straight after Sim Brother's announcement and was still there.
8.08PM - Samuel took a break to go to the toilet and then fill himself up with hot coffee followed by another trip to the toilet, a quick shower and then back to the benches.
9.36PM - Lucy was the next one to go through the routine of drinking plenty of coffee to keep going for as long as possible.
10.25PM - Nicole took a coffee break, completely exhausted but still wanting to do what she needed in order to get back any privileges.
11.11PM - Samuel had already called it a night and was sleeping alone. Lucy was ready to drop.

Last One to Bed
11.29PM - Despite having several mugs of coffee, Nicole was shattered and finally called it a night. She went straight to bed and got in beside Dave, who was still fast asleep.
And that is where we have to leave it.
  • Have they trained hard enough?
  • Has Sim Brother got any surprises for them?
  • Following previous form, what do you think?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.

  • Credits
    The bench with weights can be downloaded from 7 Deadly Sims.


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