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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 59 (Saturday 19 October 2002)
Runaround !!
Serena's Recap

"Hi, I'm Serena. Only a few days ago, I walked out of this door and was interviewed by Will about my time in the house. During that interview, I made a prediction that Samuel and Lucy would become emotionally involved. Yesterday, they kissed which in essence fulfilled my prediction. Well, I'm not saying what has happened today but you'll have to follow this and see."

Nighttime Runaround

3.00AM - Sim Brother (sc) - "All Housemates will immediately proceed to the Battlezones through the North Door. Your physical fitness task for the day is a Runaround."

"Each housemate has to run down their assigned lane. At the end, you turn around and run back the adjacent lane."

The housemates quickly assembled outside in the battlezones with a temperature of only 6 degrees C and they were rather cold - "On your marks, get set .... GO !!"

Samuel was quickest off the mark, closely followed by Dave. Nicole and Lucy were both very slow off the mark.
By the time Samuel and Dave turned around, Sam had taken a bit more of a lead. Lucy and Nicole were still on the first half when Samuel raced past them ... and the winner by three fences. Dave was not a bad loser and immediately went over and congratulated Sam. Nicole came in third and Lucy came fourth.

Sim Brother - "Congratulations, Samuel, upon winning the Runaround. For your use and that of one chosen friend, you will get access to a private sauna and gymnasium for the whole of today."
Samuel - "I choose Lucy, but first I'm going to bed."

In the Saunasium

10.06AM - Illuminated by torches, its central feature was a redwood sauna, an espresso machine and a portaloo. The room also had plenty of space for the occupants to exercise. Sam and Lucy originally appeared to be quite comfortable and relaxed but it was not to stay that way.
One of Samuel's first moves to impress Lucy was to show her how long he could hold his breath underwater. As he was tickling her while he was down there, she couldn't help but laugh. However, when Lucy brought up the subject of outside relationships, Samuel took offence.
Samuel got out of the bath and tried out ballet exercises, but Lucy was not too impressed and left the Saunasium for something to eat.

( Credits - Exercise tile from Simstitution )

In the House
4.57PM - Dave had spent his day reading the household manual. Nicole and Lucy were talking over dinner.
Nicole - "So why aren't you in there with Samuel?"
Lucy - "Although we keep getting close, it isn't going anywhere else. There's something just not quite clicking."

Last Ones Up
11.43PM - The rest of the day was fairly quiet. With the exhausting task during the night, Lucy and Dave drifted off to bed at around 8pm. At the end of the day, Samuel was left talking with Nicole about modelling sunglasses. Whether it will stop there is too early to say, but that is where we are going to have to leave it.
  • Is it more that just friendship between Samuel and Nicole?
  • What is the next challenge in store for the housemates?
  • Can Sim Brother surprise them even more?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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