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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 60 (Sunday 20 October 2002)
Four and Fore !
Sim Brother woke the housemates up at 3am to get them to a running track that had been set up in the battlezones. Samuel won the "Runaround" and got the use of a Saunasium sited in the former Poor Bedroom and shared it with Lucy. However, their relationship did not progress and actually deteriorated.

Does Sim Brother have anything in mind for them today or will they be allowed to take things easy?

Up and Eating
5.00AM - Lucy was the first one to get up and immediately took a shower.
7.08AM - Dave was up and preparing a cooked breakfast. Nicole had been up for an hour and was showering. Lucy had been tidying up.
8.22AM - Samuel was still in bed. The other three were having their breakfast and chatting about parties.

Nicole - "I think it's great that we have parties every so often. I just wish we could have them every week."
Dave - "I agree. All these physical challenges are exhausting me. We could do with a party just to unwind."
Lucy - "Perhaps. However, knowing Sim Brother, he'd just crank it all up to make us even more exhausted."
Nicole - "You know you can be a real ray of sunshine at times, Lucy."
Lucy - "Yes, I've been told I have a sunny disposition."

On the Driving Range
Outside in the battlezone during the night, Sim Brother technicians had been hard at work changing the running lanes to a new structure. Each lane was separated by walls with what looked like reinforced glass windows. Over it was a clear perspex roof that looked as though it had been constructed by components from Yakko Glazing.

12.00AM - The housemates were instructed to assemble in the Battlezones.
Sim Brother (rl) - "Welcome to the Sim Brother Driving Range Championship. At the end of each lane is the Sim Brother Eye, which can extrapolate from the force a ball hits the wall the distance the drive would take. Only drives in the first hour will be counted although you can stay for as long as you wish."
1.15PM - The other housemates had stopped after the hour complaining of aches and pains. Samuel remained, still driving shot after shot. He sized them up, acting like a professional and chuckling to himself.

Waiting for the Result
1.32PM - Lucy and Nicole were talking in the bathroom.
Lucy - "I never knew Sam played golf on the outside."
Nicole - "What makes you think that?"
Lucy - "He's still out there behaving like a professional."
Nicole - "Perhaps he's played 'Sim Golf' a bit and likes trying it for real."
2.43PM - Samuel had come back and was watering the flowers. Nicole was playing darts and Lucy and Dave were dancing away to the music from the jukebox.

Dave - "I just wish Sim Brother would put us out of our misery and tell us who has won!"
Lucy - "Keeping us waiting is not surprising. It keeps us on edge and can make us do what we wouldn't otherwise."

Result & Reward
3.00PM - "This is Sim Brother. The results of the Driving Championship are as follows.
  • Nicole's longest drive was 128 yards
  • Lucy's longest drive was 124 yards
  • Dave's longest drive was 120 yards

    "The winner of the championship and recipient of §5,000 is Samuel with a maximum drive of 174 yards.
  • Samuel - "I must be off form. I was expecting over 200 yards."

    Sim Brother - "In order to help you unwind, the Saunasium will be open to all of the housemates until Midnight. Also, the buffet table and punchbowl are available for your refreshment."

    Dave and Lucy
    4.30PM - Lucy and Dave were making the most of the sauna.
    Dave - "I really must have you on my show sometime."
    Lucy - "That's very kind of you. I'm glad you have adapted to being in here. Your spell in the Confinement Cell must have been pretty awful."
    Dave - "Yes, it certainly was."
    Dave and Lucy did appear to be getting on better in the hottub than Lucy had done with Sam yesterday.
    Lucy - "You know something? You're quite a nice guy."
    Dave - "I aim to please. You're quite a nice lady too."
    Lucy - "You're too kind, Dave."

    Sam & Nicole
    5.02PM - Samuel and Nicole were instead playing darts.
    Nicole - "Lucy says you play golf. Is that why you won?"
    Samuel - "She's right. I run a Pro-Am Tournament every year that helps charities. This §5,000 will help go towards funding the next one."

    6.34PM - After Nicole beat Samuel, they prepared for exercising and had a couple of glasses of punch first.
    Samuel - "Lucy seems to be getting quite close to Dave."
    Nicole - "Why should it bother you? Whenever you get close, you seem to back off."
    Samuel - "I'm open to all offers, but there is something about Lucy that doesn't quite click. I feel there is something she's not telling me."
    Nicole - "She says the same about you."

    In the Saunasium
    7.35PM - Nicole had changed into her exercise gear and was trying out the Saunasium, making the most of the space available for stretching exercises.

    Shortly after, Samuel joined her and their exercise regime turned to ballet. Dave and Lucy appeared completely oblivious to what they were up to.
    8.49PM - Lucy had gone to bed and Samuel had slipped into sauna next to Dave, who was puzzled about something.
    Dave - "Did I ever mention the time I was away from here or say where I'd been?"
    Samuel - "No. Not to me."
    Nicole - "We thought you'd had a day in the SimCity Hilton to unwind."
    Dave - "Hmm ... that's what I thought."

    Last Ones Up
    11.17PM - Nicole and Dave went to bed together. Dave still looked puzzled.

    Dave - "I'm just so sure I never spoke to anyone about it."
    Nicole - "I'm tired, you're tired. Sleep on it."
    11.40PM - Samuel was the last one awake. He was still soaking in the tub. He still looked quite pleased with himself. For being §5,000 richer, he had a good reason.

    And that is where we have to leave it.
  • What does Sim Brother have in store for the housemates tomorrow?
  • Are Dave's recollections correct or is he mistaken?
  • If his memories are right, what does it prove?

    Tune in tomorrow.

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