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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 61 (Monday 21 October 2002)
Straining, Stress and Suspicion
Samuel was the winner of yet another §5,000 when he proved his prowess on the Driving Range. Everyone was allowed to make use of the Saunasium and Dave and Lucy appeared to get on better in the sauna than Lucy and Samuel had the day before, although Dave started to question his own recollection of events.

With the ongoing process of exercises, does Sim Brother have anything else planned for them?

Over the Breakfast Table

8.46AM - The house were all up and awake eating breakfast that Dave had prepared.
Samuel - "I wonder what Simbro has planned for us today."
Nicole - "Could be anyone's guess. He might even give us a day off."
Lucy - "Unlikely. We'll be working hard again today."
Dave - "I don't know what to expect. I don't even know what I said. I can't remember saying a thing about my time out of here."
Lucy - "You told me just after you got out. I remember it clearly."
Dave - "I suppose you must be right."

A Battle of Fitness

12.00PM - Sim Brother (jej) - "The swimming pool has been re-opened up as part of today's battle. Today, your battle is against Sim Brother. All of you have been assessed for your physical fitness levels. Your reward will be the return of your hot tub. Your physical fitness levels must be improved by two levels each. For those of you who are not so fit, this will be easier for you than those of you who are already quite fit. This battle will continue until Midnight and you will be informed of the results tomorrow."

Pushing their Limits
All of the housemates quickly got down to work training on the benchpresses and weights. Dave had changed into an MGON tracksuit and Nicole, Samuel and Lucy were all dressed casually. They all had a lot of work to do and got down to work.
5.02PM - Having being pumping the machine for the past five hours, Dave collapsed out of exhaustion.

5.07PM - Only minutes after, Nicole called it a day.

On the Evening
6.25PM - By now, all of the housemates had given up on the fitness machines and were either in bed or napping on recliners in the garden.
12:00AM - With all of the housemates fast asleep, they missed the battle deadline. Technicians moved in and took the fitness machines away.
However, before we bring this report to a close, this blurred picture was leaked to us from an "informed source" on the Sim Brother staff. It was taken at 10.15PM this evening. It is up to you what you make out of it.

Tune in tomorrow for further developments.

Professor Mortimer Goth of SCU gives his opinions on developments in the house since the Divide came down.

"With the divide coming down, the housemates would have been lulled into a false sense of security. With the concepts of Rich and Poor Houses still in their mind, Sim Brother has completely thrown them off guard. With the different types of physical competition with a reward, the battles are not just between themselves. The battles are also with Sim Brother."
"As of the time of writing, the hot tub has not been returned. The Saunasium has been the closest they have had to this but that has mainly come as a reward or an occasional treat."
"With nominations now being taken out of their hands, the housemates are feeling particularly vulnerable. They are powerless to dictate the events and are completely at the mercy of Sim Brother."
"Unpredictability is keeping the housemates on their toes and most of them are completely bewildered as to what will happen next. Only Sim Brother can say for sure."
"Physical and mental pressure like the type they are currently going through can be only maintained for so long. Sim Brother might be wise to heed this warning to give them a break."


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