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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 62 (Tuesday 22 October 2002)
Samuel was the winner of yet another §5,000 when he proved his prowess on the Driving Range. Everyone was allowed to make use of the Saunasium and Dave and Lucy appeared to get on better in the sauna than Lucy and Samuel had the day before, although Dave started to question his own recollection of events.

With the ongoing process of exercises, does Sim Brother have anything else planned for them?

Unwanted Intruder
12.56AM - Once again there was a skunk in the garden. Sim Brother Security Guards were not prepared to touch it and Animal Control were called in to remove the offending creature.

Early Breakfast
3.09AM - With having gone to bed on the early evening, Lucy, Samuel and Dave were fully rested and wide awake during the night. They were up eating breakfast that Dave had prepared, who had been up for the past 1Å“ hours tidying up.
Dave - "They've taken the machines away."
Samuel - "Our mistake. I think we all overslept."
Lucy - "It just means we won't get our hot tub back."

5.50AM - Samuel and Dave were having a chat about evictions and leavers.
Dave - "I'm certainly not planning to walk any more. I'm not allowed to talk about the outside or any other odd rules that only apply to me."
Samuel - "That's understandable. So why did you tell Lucy?"
Dave - "That is just it. I can't remember telling her a thing."
Samuel - "You didn't tell Nicole or me. Why should you tell her?"
Dave - "I could have forgotten about telling her it. I just don't think I did."
Nicole was the last one to get up and immediately had a late breakfast. Dave joined her for a second helping. The matter about the details of his incarceration was still on his mind.
Dave - "I really can't remember telling Lucy anything about what happened to me."
Nicole - "She could be mistaken ... or she could be lying."


10.30AM - All of the housemates were gathered around the campfire. Samuel had helped himself to a glass of punch and had quite a lot to say.
Samuel - "There have been things lately that I don't understand. Most of us haven't got a clue of what has been going on but one of us seems to know in advance what is happening. Also, most of us don't know a thing about what happened when Dave left us for a day. I don't remember Dave telling any of us about it and Dave can't remember telling anyone either. However, one of us knows very well what happened to Dave. It's not me. It's not Nicole."
Lucy - "I don't know what you are talking about, Samuel."
Samuel - "How do you know what is going to happen? How were you able to tell Dave the name of the place he was in while he was away?"
Lucy - "He told me. Your memory must be failing you, Dave."
Dave - "I'm pretty sure it isn't."
Samuel - "So when and what did he tell you, Lucy?"
Lucy - "I don't remember when for certain. It was in the hottub sometime. Anyway, he said he had been put in a Confinement Cell in the battlezones."
Dave - "Even I don't know what it was called, Lucy!"
Samuel - "How many days after his return was it, Lucy?"
Lucy - "Stop asking me all of these questions! You'll probably say I'm a plant from Sim Brother next."
Nicole - "Now you come to mention it, it did seem rather odd that you were the one who started the rumours about other people being planted by Sim Brother."
Lucy - "That's preposterous!"
Samuel - "Not really. The easiest way to throw any suspicion away from yourself is to blame someone else."
Lucy - "I'm not listening to any more of this! I'm going inside."

Help me out!

11.00AM - Lucy immediately came to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (ar) - "Hello, Lucy. You seem to be in a spot of bother."
Lucy - "They are accusing me of something I haven't done."
SB - "Oh really? Haven't you been a bit careless?"
Lucy - "I've been very careful. I've covered my tracks."
SB - "Oh no you haven't. You've slipped up. You let the line between being a know-it-all to informant become too transparent."
Lucy - "But I'm not the plant."
SB - "Are you expecting this to be broadcast so you can act all innocent?"
Lucy - "You know I'm innocent."
SB - "Perhaps you might get an Emmy for your performance, but you really needed a better script writer."
Lucy (hissed) - "You're supposed to help me!"
SB - "You didn't help yourself enough. I would get changed and say goodbye."
Lucy - "But it's not fair! I nearly won it."
SB - "You were just not quite good enough, Lucy."
Lucy - "I demand to speak to the Director."
SB - "You might like to know this is unedited and is going out on TSZ Livestream. Why do you think he is broadcasting it? Why do you think the public were leaked a picture of you yesterday talking to your controller?"
Lucy - "You're all a bunch of ******* *******! I just wanted you to help me out!"
SB - "I'll help you out. The doorway to the battlezone will be open in an hour. Goodbye, Lucy."
1.00PM - Samuel and Nicole were eating their lunch and Dave was having a glass of punch. For the first time today, Samuel appeared to be a bit lost for words. None of them noticed Lucy leaving by the back door.

A Score and a Surprise

2.00PM - The Housemates were gathered in the Lounge.
Nicole - "I hope we didn't upset Lucy too much. I wonder where she is."
Samuel - "Probably sulking somewhere. She'll be here in a minute."
Dave - "I wonder what we are here for."
Nicole - "We might get the results of yesterday's battle."
Sim Brother (ar) - "This is Sim Brother. Lucy has left the house. As it is too late in the series to bring in a new housemate, you must decide upon two nominations for a previous evictee you would like to see replace her."
Nicole - "That's unusual. Anyway, I'd like to see George back in here. He was fun. However, if I want a girl to talk to, it would have to be Serena."
Dave - "I'd like to see Serena back in here. However, I wouldn't mind seeing George come back, unless he is sorting out world problems."
Samuel - "I'd like Serena back too. I think we misjudged her. Like Dave, though, I think George would be good company."
Sim Brother - "Your comments have been noted. Sim Brother will be returning a previous evictee to the house tomorrow. In the meantime, here are the results of yesterday's task.
  • Nicole, you increased your Bodily Rating from 6 to 7. You have lost.
  • Dave, you improved your Bodily Rating from 2 to 4. You have won.
  • Samuel, your Bodily Rating went up from 5 to 6. You have failed.
    "With two of you not meeting the requirements, the hot tub will not be returned."

  • Dealing with it
    3.07PM - The remaining three housemates were handling Lucy's departure in different ways.

  • Samuel was having a bath.
  • Nicole was sat around the fire
  • Dave was having something to eat
  • 5.07PM - Two hours later, Samuel was starting to have his doubts.
    Samuel - "I'm starting to wonder what if Dave was wrong and he had told Lucy."
    Nicole - "Well, she's gone. I think that indicates she was a plant after all."
    Samuel - "Or she was too upset from what I said. Did I do the right thing?"
    Nicole - "Yes, I think you did. Anyway, we'll find out if you were right when we leave here."
    5.43PM - Samuel came to the Diary Room.
    Samuel - "I am starting to have doubts about what I did. I really think that I have upset Lucy."
    Sim Brother (ar) - "Oh please, Sam. Pull youself together! You did what you thought was right. If you find you are wrong, there's no moaning about it to me. Just sort it out yourself."

    End of the Day
    11.15PM - Samuel had gone to bed. Nicole was replanting some of the flowers at the bottom of the garden.

    11.43PM - It was obvious that despite spending a lot of time with different people, Nicole and Dave's feelings for each other had not diminished.
    And that is where we leave the house at the end of this turbulent day.

  • How does Lucy feel about being exposed as a Sim Brother plant?
  • Who will replace her in the house?
  • Has Sim Brother got any other plans to keep the housemates fit?

    Tune in tomorrow.


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