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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 63 (Wednesday 23 October 2002)
What a lot of Bull!
The day may not have been physically exhausting for the housemates, but it was mentally strenous when Lucy's secret of being planted by Sim Brother was revealed. All of the housemates were drained and hoping for another day to recover from it for Thursday's return of a previous evictee. Would Sim Brother allow them to have a break?

What do you think?

Good morning, housemates!
7.21AM - Dave was the first one up and through some rigorous showering had been clever enough to flood the bathroom. He had immediately set about to mopping it up. Samuel had prepared breakfast and over the table, they talked about who might be coming in.
Dave - "Do you think Serena will be coming back?"
Samuel - "I'd like it if she was. I'd get an opportunity to say sorry. I wasn't very kind to her when she left."
Dave - "I'd be happy to see her. I'd be happy to see anyone. There is someone I want to see in particular because I felt I came across to him as a major-league a-"
Samuel - "Why does the name George come to mind?"

Slapped Sam
11.03AM - Nicole and Samuel were dancing to the "Jive Bunny" mix of Wagner's Opera "The Flying Dutchman" and were really enjoying themselves. However, someone was not getting in the mood. Dave was not pleased with seeing Sam dancing with Nicole and came over and slapped him.
Dave - "Never touch my girl again!"
Nicole - "Dave, I am NOT your girl. I will dance with Sam if I feel like it!"
Sam - "Hey, man, it was only a dance."

Sim Brother cut their argument short and informed them of the details of their latest battle.

Rules of the Ride
Sim Brother (jej) - "This is Sim Brother."

"You have been training hard for the last week and now it is time for the greatest test of your fitness, endurance and confidence. For a prize purse of §10,000, you will be having five rides each on the Mechanical Bull."

  • For a successful Easy Ride, you will get 1 point.
  • For a successful Medium Ride, you will get 3 points.
  • For a successful Difficult Ride, you will get 7 points.
  • For a failed ride, you will get bumps and bruises, but not any points.

    "In the event of points being tied after 5 rounds, the tied housemates have to each perform a hard ride. The first one to succeed or the last one standing will win. There are outfits in the costume trunk to help you get into the feel of things. This battle starts at 12 noon and will continue until a winner is decided."

  • The §10,000 Bull Ride
    Ride 1/5
  • Nicole - Medium (passed) - 3 points
  • Dave - Medium (failed) - 0 points
  • Samuel - Medium (failed) - 0 points
    Ride 2/5
  • Nicole - Medium (passed) - 6 points
  • Dave - Difficult (failed) - 0 points
  • Samuel - Difficult (failed) - 0 points
    Ride 3/5
  • Nicole - Difficult (failed) - 6 points
  • Dave - Medium (passed) - 3 points
  • Samuel - Difficult (failed) - 0 points
    Samuel dropped out with a cracked coccyx and a bruised pride.
    Ride 4/5
  • Nicole - Medium (passed) - 9 points
  • Dave - Medium (failed) - 3 points

  • Dave's Last Challenge
    The only way Dave could win was if Nicole fell on the final ride and he didn't on a difficult ride. Nicole fell, so Dave had only one chance to win and that was to complete a Difficult Ride.

    So far, NOBODY had completed a Difficult Ride .... and at the end of the competition, nobody had.

    Not being a bad loser, Dave immediately went and hugged Nicole.


    10.37PM - All of the housemates were exhausted. Samuel and Dave were asleep on the couches in the lounge. Nicole was in bed, §10,000 richer.

    With all of the housemates asleep, we'll tiptoe away and come back to see how they are in the morning.

    Tomorrow, they will find out who Sim Brother is returning to the house to rejoin them. Also, the viewers will get to see what Lucy had to say to Will Wright.

    Tune in tomorrow.


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