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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 64 (Thursday 24 October 2002)
Hail to the Chef!
Two Weeks to Go !
"Hi! I'm Will Wright and welcome to the beginning of the Penultimate Week of Sim Brother II. I am here with Lucy who I will be interviewing after we have seen what the housemates have been up to today. The polls are now open for the 5th and Final Eviction and both of the boys are up for eviction. So far, all I can tell you about that is that the voting is very close. Either Dave or Samuel could be walking next Wednesday night. What you can be certain of is that I will be waiting for the evictee and finding out his story of life in the house."

"Anyway, I know you want to see what Lucy has to say but first let's see what has happened today in the house, find out who has gone back in and how this returning housemate was received."

Rude Awakening

5.50AM - Nicole was the first one up. After have got showered and dressed, she played a cruel trick on Dave and Samuel by turning the jukebox on full blast! Needless to say, the boys were not pleased.
Samuel - "What the **** was that!?"
Dave (<---) - "War's started! Where's the shelter?"
Nicole - "Good morning, boys! How are you all today?"
Samuel - "If I told you, you'd wish you were dead."
Nicole - "I'll make breakfast for us all to make you feel better."

7.51AM - Nicole was good to her word and made breakfast. Samuel had showered and changed. The subject of conversation was Lucy.
Samuel - "I don't get how we didn't suspect her earlier. She even made me think that there were other people who were plants."
Nicole - "She was good at planting ideas. I just don't get why."
Dave - "I could risk being locked up for this but on the outside, I couldn't tell what was happening. Okay, so I didn't take much of an interest, but she deceived us."

Baroness of Bull
1.24PM - Nicole had a point to prove and as Sim Brother had not removed the Mechanical Bull, she gave it another try on Difficult. After being tossed around, left and right, forwards and backwards, the Baroness of Bull managed to tame the bull when the ride came to a stop and she was still mounted upon it.

Who deserves to win?
3.00PM - The Housemates were called one by one to the Diary Room to say who they thought deserved to win the series.
Nicole selected Dave because "I think he's great and a really nice guy"
Dave selected Nicole because "She's a great lady and deserves it"
Samuel selected Nicole because "She's smart. She's sassy. She's sexy!".

Welcome back, George!
6.00PM - The Housemates were assembled together in the lounge.

"This is Sim Brother. Welcome back to the house ... GEORGE !"
The house became a hubbub of activity as they all came over to see what they could find out from him. Sim Brother had allowed him some liberty in letting him give some information about the outside without receiving a warning.
Samuel - "Hey, Georgie, why aren't you in the White House bringing us closer to World War 3?"
George - "Call me GW, Sam. The public put those guys from The West Wing in there while I was in here and they won't let me have my old job back."
Nicole - "So what have you been doing?"
GW - "I've been a Sous Chef at the SimCity Hilton hotel."
Dave - "You can't be serious!"
GW - "Deadly. They thought it was the best thing I could do, although they didn't appreciate the Hilton Salad that I used to make in here. Anyway, when Sim Brother asked me if I'd like to come back in, I jumped at it."
Samuel - "What about Serena?"
GW - "Beats me. Never saw her since she got out."

On the Night
11.05PM - Sam had drunk too much of the punch and had lost his clothes somewhere.

In the house, GW was watching Dave on the Mechanical Bull.
GW - "That's really good, Dave! Very impressive!"
Dave - "Thankyou Mr Pr ... GW."

11.39PM - Everyone had gone to bed but GW who took the opportunity to try out the Bull himself.the Bull.

And that is where we must leave it, but stay with us as we go to the Interview with Lucy.

Interview with a Mole
WW - "Welcome to the outside, Lucy. How do you feel?"
Lucy - "Understandably, I wish I was still in there. I suppose it was to be expected that I would be found out, but I didn't like the way it was done."
WW - "The housemates didn't have any knowledge of what was happening on the outside."
Lucy - "If that picture hadn't been leaked, I could have bluffed it a bit longer."
WW - "That is debatable. What do you think revealed you as a plant from Sim Brother?"
Lucy - "I slipped up on my knowledge of where Dave was, which I had received from a telephone call."
WW - "How could you be rung without anyone else hearing?"
Lucy - "Vibrating battery. There were some blind spots in the house and I could make a call from there. Also, I thought I could trust Sim Brother not to broadcast any shots of me on the telephone. I was wrong."
WW - "Did you expect Dave just to shrug it off?"
Lucy - "Yes, I did. Instead, he started talking about it with the others. When they started asking questions, I could only lie and then lie even more to cover it up."
WW - "And you didn't cover it up well enough, did you."
Lucy - "No. I was careless. There were other things I was careless about but nobody seemed to notice."
WW - "Wearing the EA T-Shirt and bottoms?"
Lucy - "I thought they might have cottoned on. They didn't."
WW - "How do you think you managed to remain undetected until now?"
Lucy - "By sowing the seeds of suspicion. With Sim Brother selecting two people who hadn't gone through the voting process, it was easy. Serena was asking a lot of questions so she was ideal. I really do feel bad about it, but I did want to win."
WW - "You went through the voting process to get in. How did you become a mole for Sim Brother?"
Lucy - "I volunteered. If I had won, I would have revealed it at the end of the show. However, with that picture, I think the Director had other ideas."
WW - "How did it feel being a mole for Sim Brother?"
Lucy - "It wasn't that easy. I was a bit uncomfortable about the idea even on Day 3 as I did like all of the other housemates, but it was too late."
WW - "Your tactics were quite good. You spread suspicion about the other housemates and discreetly exposed your body on several occasions."
Lucy - "Thankyou. I suppose I only have myself to blame for what happened."
WW - "Anyway, you did have some good moments in there. You were voted as Housemate most likely to win on more than one occasion, you also have your share of the volleyball match and you have not left the house empty-handed. As well as §3,500 that has already been transferred to your bank account, you have also been given a modelling contract for Alpha Taurus Fashions for exclusive retail at TSZ Stores."
Lucy - "Thankyou. At least I won't disappear from the screens immediately. I'll be around for a little bit longer."
WW - "One last question. Who would you like to see win?"
Lucy - "He rumbled me. He was the one I was closest to. It has to be Samuel."
WW - "Thankyou for the entertainment you have given us over the past nine weeks. Please tune in tomorrow to see what Sim Brother next has planned for the housemates."


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