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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 65 (Friday 25 October 2002)
Return of the Cat
Nicole managed to ride the bull on the difficult setting for a complete run and George was the housemate who was returned to the house. There was a hint of romance between some of the housemates and it was likely that this could become explosive.

Don't pussyfoot around!
9.00AM - "This is Sim Brother. The cat that you befriended recently is being returned to the house. Her name is Fluffly. Over this weekend, you will be monitored by officers of the SCSPCA and Veterinarians from the SCCVS. Your challenge is to tame this stray cat down so it wants to become part of the household. This is down to all housemates. The one who persuades the cat to join will receive §5,000 and the group will have the hot tub returned. If this is not accomplished by Monday night, the cat will be withdrawn and another of your luxuries will be removed."
The bushel in the corner of the yard was the way the cat had slipped into the house before and this was the same place that Sim Brother chose to reinsert it. It immediately made a beeline for the house and Dave, who immediately made a big fuss of it.
Sim Brother had returned the cat's Gunginator, feeding bowl, scratching pole and a basket for it to sleep in and George made its acquaintance, although George's nightwear might have had something to do with it being friendly. Nicole also made a lot of effort in trying to train it, calling it over, praising it and getting it to sit and stay and it was all was good work but it was not yet enough.

From hugs to blows!
11.43AM - Nicole and Samuel had been growing closer over the last couple of days. However, it was now apparent that their feelings for each other were more than friendship.

Samuel - "I don't think Dave will be too pleased if he sees us."
Nicole - "He's too possessive, Sam. He's got to learn."
1.47PM - Nicole had just completed another difficult course on the Bull and Samuel gave her a congratulatory hug. Dave saw it, came over and slapped him.

Dave - "I told you before, Sam, hands off, she's mine!"
Nicole - "And I told you, Dave, that I am with who I want to be with!"
Samuel - "Dave, you're a pain in the ***! Now leave us alone!"
8.45PM - Sam and Nicole had been talking in the lounge. When Dave thought Samuel had been looking at Nicole a bit too intimately for his liking, his temper had completely reached boiling point and while Samuel was off his guard, Dave attacked him.

Two for the Cooler
10.15PM - "This is Sim Brother. Will George and Nicole please go to the bedroom immediately? Samuel and Dave will stay where they are until instructed." Two security guards appeared. "Dave & Sam, you will accompany these two guards. If you do not, you will be forcibly removed."
11.28PM - This time, Sim Brother has given TSZ unrestricted access to the Confinement Cell. The one Dave had been in was dismantled on Sim Brother's as it was not expected that it would be needed again. However, when the situation was hotting up during the day, the technicians were instructed to quickly rebuild it. Originally, Dave and Sam were going to have seperate cells. When it came to it, Security put them both in the same cell to either cool off or kill each other.

  • Will the house be down to three housemates tomorrow?
  • Will Nicole or George have taken advantage of the space to tame Fluffly?
  • What is the news from Mahuizoh's Bookmakers about the current eviction poll?

    Tune in tomorrow


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