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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 66 (Saturday 26 October 2002)
Petting the Pussy
With the start of the challenge to befriend Fluffly the stray cat being a minor point of the day and the main one being the overnight incarceration of Sam and Dave in the Confinement Cell to cool down after Dave had an open fight with Sam, could things get any more turbulent?

Morning in the House
7.21AM - George is up quite early brushing his teeth. He looks a bit stunned from the events of the previous night. Since he was sent to the bedroom with Nicole, they simply went to bed (separately). So far, Sam and Dave have not been returned.
8.51PM - Nicole is making the most of the opportunities presented by Dave and Sam's absence to make a fuss of Fluffly.

Outside by the Cooler
10.21AM - Out by the Confinement Cell, Dave was doing his best to try and make up to Sam who was not interested at all.
Dave - "Sam, please lets be friends again. I'm sorry I let a woman come between us."
Sam - "Hey, Dave, you attacked me when I was off guard."
Dave - "Please, Sam, I just can't stay out here another night!"
Sam - "Ok, ok! Let's try and call a truce and see what happens from there."

An Unleashed Breakfast
10.35AM - In the house, GW had prepared a cooked breakfast and was chatting with Nicole.
GW - "Now I have been unleashed back into the house, I find it great that no matter what I wear the night before, I have a pressed suit waiting for me the following morning."
Nicole - "That's crazy thinking, GW. I am getting sick of finding the same clothes every day. I know Dave was sick of it. He wanted to wear his Late Show jacket but it keeps getting hung up in the wardrobe and it takes him ages to find it."
GW - "I still think it is an improvement. I like suits."
Nicole - "And I like wearing different clothes every day. It's a real pain in the backside, GW."

Out of the Cooler
12.00PM - The gate was opened for the Dave and Sam to return to the house.

Sim Brother (jej) - "If the program had not been so close to the end of the series, you would have both been expelled and replacement housemates brought in. On Wednesday, one of you will be leaving anyway. Sim Brother is changing the rules. If you have to fight, then fight. Just try not to."

Feline Simchology
1.41PM - Cat Simchologists with the SCCVS noticed this acknowledgement behavioural pattern of Fluffly. As the task decreed that making friends with the cat was part of the criteria required for passing the challenge, this was a major milestone towards completing the task.

In the Saunasium with Nic and Dave
4.24PM - In order to help restore some calm and balance in the house, Sim Brother had opened up the Saunasium. Nicole and Dave were the first ones to try it, but Dave found himself in hot water in more ways than one.

Nicole - "Dave, if you don't lighten up with Sam and GW, you'll regret it once the series is over. I'm not your property. Do you understand?"
Dave - "Err ... crystal-clear, Nicole."
6.50PM - A couple of hours down the line and it appeared that despite their disagreements, there was still a high degree of intimate affection between Dave and Nicole as could be seen by the passion with which they kissed. However, Dave had lashed out against people before. There was no guarantee this would not happen again.

Sam's Views on Sim Brother Justice
7.28PM - Samuel is called to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (rl) - "Hi, Sam. How are you feeling?"
Samuel - "Ticked off about being in the Cooler with Dave. He started the fight. I just defended myself and I get locked up too. That's not fair."
SB - "Sam, you agreed before you - "
Sam - "Yes, I did. I'm just saying that in my opinion, it's not fair. Nice lamp, by the way."

Swimming and Cuddling
11.27PM - With being the first to get up, it was not surprising that Nicole was the first to go to bed. All of the guys were tired but before they chose to go to bed, Samuel went for a swim and George and Dave were getting to know each other better in the sauna.
And that is where we are going to have to leave it.
  • Will the housemates manage to properly complete the challenge that Sim Brother set?
  • In a day without blows, in a house with such highly charged emotions, can it stay this way another day?
  • Can anyone tell me the score in yesterday's match between Manchester Utd & Aston Villa?

    Tune in tomorrow to find the answers to the first two questions.

  • On the Streets of Sim City
    We spoke with Jimmy Mahuizoh, respectable businessman and proprietor of the Mahuizoh Bookmakers of Sim City just to find out what the inside track was on the way betting was going for the latest eviction.

    "It's quite a difficult one. There has been bidding all across the city. Fans of the SBS "Late Show" are voting for Samuel to leave and CBC Viewers and cinemagoers are wanting Dave to leave. It is very close and in the past 24 hours, the odds have changed, but at the moment, if the situation does not escalate into violence, it looks like Samuel might be on his way out of the house on Wednesday night with odds of 7/6."

    And if it does turn to violence?

    "Then the bidding changes. We are currently putting Sam at 2/1 ON to win in an all-out fight and force Dave to walk and not come back."

    And do you think it will come to that?

    "Unlikely. However, there are odds of 7/1 for George to be the next one to leave and odds of 33/1 for Nicole to be the next to go."

    How is the betting going on a series winner?

    "Too early to say, although a certain TC has been betting on all of the guys to win and has put §500,000 on Nicole to be in 3rd place. We think he's wasted it."


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