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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 67 (Sunday 27 October 2002)
Purring, Clawing and the Sauna
Dave and Sam came back to the house. Slightly subdued, there was no display of violence. Dave reconciled his relationship with Nicole and got on quite well with GW. Sam kept a low profile, perhaps concerned about how he was being perceived on the outside. Nicole was the housemate working the hardest on the task set by SimCity's feline simchologists and appeared to be getting through to Fluffly, but would Fluffly want to move in or not?

At the Breakfast Table

9.20AM - Nicole was the first one up, showered, dressed and prepared breakfast of bacon, cabbage, scrambled eggs and spring onions.
Dave - "Mmmm, this is really good cooking, Nicole."
Nicole - "Thankyou, Dave. That's kind of you to say."
GW was talking to Samuel about his recent golfing victory.
GW - "I saw your driving range challenge on TSZ Livestream. You did really well."
Samuel - "Thanks, GW. That's kind of you to say."
GW - "I can't get anywhere near as that even on SimGolf."
Samuel - "That's old software ... but still kinda good."

Nicole & Fluffly
11.22PM - Nicole was the one who was taking the task seriously. She had the best relationship so far with Fluffly and was trying to improve her relationship. She even was trying to teach it to dance, although it tended to hiss and spit a bit when she tried that. However, it purred a lot when she picked it up and gave her a hug.

Dave and Sam in the Sauna
11.51PM - Sam and Dave were relaxing in the sauna.
Dave - "I don't know what came over me when I attacked you. I suppose I just saw red."
Samuel - "Girls can do that to people. Also, with one girl in a house with three men, it's bound to happen."
Dave - "I hope we can be friends before Wednesday."
Samuel - "Me too, Dave."

Petting, Training and Soaking
7.02PM - Nicole had been on all day trying to improve things with Fluffly. Her efforts did not appear to be getting the desired results.

8.21PM - Taking a time out, she had a bath to get clean and also to unwind.

Mission Accomplished
10.18PM - The Feline Simchologists noticed the new interaction that was possible and thereby conclusively proving success in the task.
11.56PM - Nicole had succeeded in the task with a day and a couple of hours to spare. Sim Brother was good to its word and immediately returned the hot tub.
And with this Nicole-intensive day, that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • With their challenge completed early, what will Sim Brother give them to do next?
  • Are the highly charged emotions cooling down or is this just a lull?
  • Is there any change in the odds on who is going to be evicted?

    Tune in tomorrow for the latest news.

  • Where are they now?
    Our scouts have been looking hard to find what the previous evictees have been up to and have managed to track both Tom Jones and Serena Williams down at the Diego Bay Golf Course.
    Serena was found working as the club's tennis pro but the information about Tom being a Celebrity Greeter were in error. He was in fact hired as a groundsman on §200/week.


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