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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 17 (Sunday 3 February 2002)
A Challenge, A Chat and A Caution
This Week's Challenge
"This is Sim Brother. This is the first of the Individual Award Weeks where you will be competing against each other. In the garden, you will find two chess sets. Over the next few days, you will play against each other in a tournament. The winner will receive §2,000 to spend on luxury items for himself and optionally one friend. You can spend today practicing, but the tournament begins tomorrow"

Struggling with Nomination
Anna's mind was not on the Chess Championship. She was upset about being nominated and did not know what to do next. Davina saw her and brought her into the Den for a private "girlie chat"

Anna - "I'm frightened, Davina. If I am evicted, I have failed"(sob)
Davina - "C'mon, love. You've done well to get here. There are a lot of celebs that didn't get in. Michael Douglas and Sandra Bullock were on the shortlist. They didn't make it. Have you heard of Darius Denesh?"
Anna - "N-no."
Davina - "It's a British thing. He was on PopStars and PopIdol but he didn't even get onto the shortlist here. You got through the shortlist and made the final eight. Anyway, who says the public will vote you out? I'm sure they love you."
Anna - "Well, there are people here who don't love me. Otherwise, they wouldn't have nominated me to leave."
Davina - "They have to nominate someone. It could be because they don't know you well enough. You carry on being the lovely person you are, convince the others that you are serious about being here and I am sure the viewers will vote for someone else to leave."

MNM had a different approach about being nominated.

MNM - "Which of you ***** nominated me?"
Tom - "I'm not saying"
Jerry - "Neither am I"

Sim Brother - "Could MNM please come to the Diary Room?"
MNM - "**** off!"
Sim Brother - "... NOW!"
MNM - "Yeah, ok"

Sim Brother - "Sim Brother must remind you discussing nominations is against the rules. This includes asking people about who they voted for. Any further infringement will mean instant expulsion from the house"

In the Alcove, Anne and Jennifer had got down to practicing chess. Anne was surprisingly quiet and Jennifer noticed.

Jennifer - "Annie, are you OK?"
Anne - "Of course, Jen. Why shouldn't I be?"
Jennifer - "I thought you might be worried about being nominated".
Anne - "Having my name up first time around does remind me of TWL and I expected I might be".
Jennifer - "What are you going to do?"
Anne - "It's out of my hands now. I'd rather stay, but if the people say I go, then that's up to them".

Anna had paid attention to what Davina had said. If she had to leave, she wanted to be on friendly terms with as many of the housemates as possible and she started with having a conversation with Tony, who told her about when he visited "Sealife" in Weston-Super-Mare.

A Surprise Confession
Over the Garden Dinner Table, Anna made a confession that even stunned MNM - "I hate tennis". Davina asked her - "What other sport would you want to do?"
Anna - "I didn't want to do sports. I wanted to be a popstar or a movie star"
MNM - "Er ... what sort of movies?"
Anna - "Action films, I think, or romances"
MNM - "I'd certainly go and see them"

The End of The Affair?
That evening, Davina had a bath and thought a few things over. She shared her thoughts with MNM - "I've been a fool. Tom has been using me. The maddening thing is that I am still crazy about him".
MNM - "So go and sort things out with him".
Davina took his advice and found Tom in the lounge. He told her about how he likes women and cannot really make his mind up. While she was with Tom, he was a giving her a hug as Jennifer came in from the garden and saw them.

She stormed over and gave Davina a slap - "He's back with me now, OK?"
Tom - "Girls, I'm not with either of you. I think you are both great fun to be with. It is flattering to have you both fighting over but because of you doing this, I AM FINISHED WITH YOU BOTH!"

Preparing for the Big Event
Anne has spent most of the day practicing on the chess tables. She has taken the challenge seriously and wants to win. Even if she gets evicted on Friday, she will have the pride that she has gone out with a victory of sorts. She is the last one to go to bed. She made herself a mug of coffee and went to bed relaxed and looking forward to the Tournament beginning tomorrow.

Tomorrow will start to show who is taking the challenge seriously and whether any of them is a Grandmaster and does not even know it.


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