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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 68 (Monday 28 October 2002)
Cleaning, Pampering and Gardening
Yesterday's events focussed around Nicole who spent almost all of the day working on the success of the previous day in befriending Fluffly. She was successful in reaching a stage that Feline Simchologists identified as the cat desiring to be adopted by the house. The Hottub was immediately returned and the task was completed, over a day early.

The Cleaner
6.17AM - Dave was the first one up and instead of making himself something to eat, his first instincts were to do the cleaning around the house. He started with the showers before moving onto the toilets, emptying the bins and finally cleaning out the Gunginator.

More Breakfast Banter
9.10AM - The next ones up was Samuel who prepared breakfast, shortly to be joined by Nicole and GW.

GW - "Great job yesterday, Nicole. You deserve a day of being pampered for doing that."
Samuel - "Amen to that, GW. You did really well. I wonder if now the job is done, Sim Brother will take Fluffly back."
Nicole - "I hope not. I quite like the little ball of fluff."

Tubs & Saunas
1.19PM - Nicole and Sam were enjoying a relaxing day in the tub and talking about what films deserved a sequel. Nicole's choice was "Lassie Come Home" and Sam's was "The St.Valentine's Day Massacre"

3.14PM - For the second day running, Dave and Sam shared a long soak in the sauna. Dave gave Sam a relaxing massage to ease away "the stress and tension of the impending eviction night".

Memo to Self - Make Another Rota
8.30PM - Despite being pampered, Nicole took it on herself to do the gardening. Most of the flower beds needed watering and quite a few of them needed replanting. She muttered to herself - "This house and garden are going to pieces. I might just do another rota to get this place organised."

Fireside Chat
11.28PM - Sam and Nicole were around the fire.

Nicole - "I'm a bit tired with the way the house is getting. I'm thinking of sorting out another rota to get things back on line."
Sam - "Well count me out. I might not be here in a few days."
Nicole - "Is it bothering you?"
Sam - "Yes. I want to be here until the end ... but I don't think I will be."

And that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • What surprises does Sim Brother have in store for the housemates?
  • Will Sam and Dave share the sauna again tomorrow afternoon?
  • Has Nicole & Dave's relationship chilled out?

    Tune in tomorrow.

  • At the Track
    With a couple of days still to go before the eviction, we paid another visit to Mahuizoh "Jimmy" Maximus, SimCity's most legitimate businessman - well, that's how his lawyers told us to describe him - to find how the latest betting on the last eviction was going at his chain of bookmakers.

    "The betting is so close, it is impossible to tell who is going on Wednesday night. When there is a large bet on one side at one of our branches, another bookmakers telephones in from the other side of town to say a similar amount has been bet there."

    Who would you put a bet on to leave on Wednesday night?

    "On personal preference, I think Dave hasn't proven himself. He's surviving in there because he's new and has a popular TV show. Sam has proven himself in there. He has been amusing and at the centre of quite a few of the goings-on. He has impressed me. If I didn't know how close things are, I'd put my money on Dave to go."

    Thankyou, Mr. Maximus


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