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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 69 (Tuesday 29 October 2002)
Hard Work & Hunting
It was a quiet day for the housemates. There were worries about eviction and Nicole was concerned with the mess the house was turning into. There were only two days to go before the next eviction. Would Sim Brother have another challenge to throw at them before they entered their final week?

Hard Work for the Housemates
6.41AM - Dave was the first housemate up and made himself breakfast. Although he hadn't said much about it, it looked like the pending eviction was preying on his mind. He was shortly followed by Nicole, Sam & GW.
7.58AM - GW decided to grill burgers instead of having a regular breakfast.
10.49AM - Sim Brother (ar) - "This is Sim Brother. Your Living Area has been redesigned somewhat. You now have two magazines for your disposal and a chess board. Tomorrow's battle is a test of your minds. Your mind needs to be stimulated and your general knowledge refreshed."

Fluffly hates Mice!
12.16AM - Whether it was because the house was in a terrible state or whether there was now a cat in the house, there was now an infestation of mice. Dave found one family of mice in the bedroom and squealed like a little girl when he found them. The other family of mice were found in the bathroom. Fluffly quickly bounced into action, firstly clearing the mice in the bedroom and then moving onto the mice in the bathroom. With both of her hunts, she brought back a trophy for Nicole. As a sign of the house's appreciation of Fluffly being an efficient "mouser", Sam filled up its feeding bowl and cleaned up its gunginator.

Working Hard
On the afternoon and into the evening, the housemates were busy reading the magazines made available. GW was reading the "True Life" section of 'Take a Break' - "Wow! So you can use ping-pong balls for things other than playing table-tennis."
Samuel was reading Clarkson's column in 'Which Cars?' - "So David did go and buy another car!"

11.51PM - Sam was the last of the housemates awake. The other three had gone to bed over an hour before. He was now reading Delia Smith's "Cooking Weekly" and found quite a few good recipes, as well as learning a few new techniques.
With Sam now knowing the difference between paté and meat paste, we'll take this opportunity to leave them.

  • What battle does Sim Brother have in mind for the housemates?
  • What is the reward and who will be the winner?
  • With it also being Eviction Night, who is the unfortunate one?

    Tune in tomorrow


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