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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 70 (Wednesday 30 October 2002)
The Weakest Sim & The Last Eviction
Welcome to Eviction Night

"Here I am in the Master Control Room. From here, we can see all of the house and what everyone is up to. However, welcome to the Final Eviction Night proper. This time next week, it will be the Final Night. The housemates are waiting for the call. Today, however, has been a real humdinger of a day for the housemates. One of them has come out quite a bit richer. Yesterday, Sim Brother had provided the housemates with magazines and chessboards in order to train their minds and refresh their memories to prepare them for the events of today. With one of the voices of Sim Brother retiring, she's now entering the house to present this season's showing of ..."

"The Weakest Sim"

Announcement at Breakfast
10.28AM - The housemates had got up gradually. Samuel was the last one to get up and joined the others at the breakfast table. He was just about to finish his meal when Sim Brother made an announcement.

Sim Brother (ar) - "I hope what you have by way of brains are working. It's now up to you to see which one of you could be taking away § 64,000. Are you up to the challenge? I very much doubt it. You'll be seeing me later. Goodbye."

The Weakest Sim
3.00PM - The Saunasium had been stripped out and converted into where the housemates would be playing a game for such high stakes. With four podiums for the housemates and a stand for Anne Robinson, tension was running high. The housemates were called in. A minute after they had assembled, Anne walked in and took her place. The game was about to begin.

Anne Robinson - "Due to the fact that one of you will tonight be determined The Weakest Housemate and time is of the essence, each of you will only be asked one question until having to vote off the weakest Sim. §1,000 is in the bank and this will double for every correct answer. The same will happen again until there are two of you left. §2,000 will be in the bank. The same will apply. The quiz then changes to three sets of alternate questions. §500 will be in the bank for that round. The one with the most points after these questions wins the contents of three bank accounts. If there is a tie at this point, the game will enter Sudden Death. The first one to get a question right will be the winner. Let's play the Weakest Sim."

"Round One - Nicole, which political drama is set in the White House?"
Nicole - "'The West Wing'"
AR - "Correct. Dave, Deep Space Nine was in orbit around which planet?"
Dave - "Bajor."
AR - "Correct. George, what battle was fought on June 18th. 1815?"
GW - "Gettysburg."
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer is Waterloo. Samuel, in what year was the French Revolution?"
Samuel - "1776"
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer is 1789. Well, team, at the end of that round, out of a possible score of §16,000, you've only scored §4,000. Which of you is less knowledgeable than a common housefly? It's time to vote off the Weakest Sim."

Nicole - "GW"
Dave - "GW."
GW - "Samuel."
Samuel - "GW"

AR - "It's conclusive. GW, you might have lost your job as President. Well, your fellow team mates don't want you either. You are the weakest Sim. Goodbye."

Anne Robinson - "Round Two and we're down to three people now. The opening bank balance goes up to §2,000. We'll start in order."

"Round One - Nicole, in what year did England win the World Cup?"
Nicole - "1970."
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer in 1966. Dave, Kampala is the capital city of which African country?"
Dave - "Uganda."
AR - "Correct. Samuel, who is the President of Zimbabwe?"
Samuel - "Err ... Nelson Mandela?"
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer is Robert Mugabe. Again, out of a possible §16,000, you've only scored §4,000. Somehow, you don't have the ability to realise your potential. Who is holding you up? Whose mind is on something else? It's time to vote off the Weakest Sim."

Nicole - "Sam"
Dave - "Sam"
Samuel - "Dave"
AR - "Nicole, why Sam?"
Nicole - "Because he has got both of his questions wrong ... and he's not Dave."
AR - "And what's Dave got to do with it? Anyway, Sam, why Dave?"
Sam - "Because he hasn't been in here as long as Nicole."
AR - "I can't see any relevance to that at all. You're just jealous. Anyway, Sam, with 2 votes to 1, you are the weakest link. Goodbye."

Anne Robinson - "It's the final round of six questions with a possible §32,000 at stake. The reward for this round starts at §500. We'll start in order so let's play The Weakest Link."

"Nicole, the zloty is the unit of currency of which country?"
Nicole - "Bulgaria."
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer is Poland. Dave, Loopy Landscapes was the second expansion for which PC game?"
Dave - "Rollercoaster Tycoon."
AR - "Correct. Nicole, in which European City will you find the Little Mermaid?"
Nicole - "Err ... Venice?"
AR - "That is incorrect. The correct answer is Copenhagen. Dave, finish this phrase - "Turn On, Tune In ...""
Dave - "Drop Dead."
AR - "I was looking for 'Drop Out'. Nicole, you need to get this question right in order to stay in the competition. What was the last film in which Sean Connery played James Bond?"
Nicole - "'Never Say Never Again'"
AR - "That is the right answer. Dave, you need to get this question right in order to avoid 'Sudden Death'. Who was the winner of UK 2002 Series of 'Big Brother'?"
Dave - "It was Jade."
AR - "The answer I was looking for was Kate. With scores tied on only 1 point each and therefore a balance of §2,000 - absolute rubbish - this leaves us only one alternative. Let's play Sudden Death."

"Nicole, in computer software, what does PSP stand for?"
Nicole - "Paint Shop Pro"
AR - "That is the right answer."
"Nicole, when you leave the Sim Brother house, you will also receive the prize money from The Weakest Sim that amounts to §10,000. Dave, you leave with nothing."

Eviction Night
Since the Weakest Sim, the housemates had been going about their business. Sam and Dave were looking through the wardrobes for eviction outfits. Finally, the time came around and the housemates had to gather together in the lounge. It's now time to go to the house and give them the news.

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright." They all replied that they could. "Can you hear me? This past week for the final eviction, the public have been voting. It has been really tight and the voting has been twisting from one side to another. The polls have now closed. The votes have been counted, checked, rechecked and verified by my neighbour's cousin who happened to be staying. With just 50.41% of the vote, the 5th Eviction from the Sim Brother house will be ..... "


Call back later to find what tonight's evictee had to say to me about his time in the house.


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