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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 70 (Wednesday 30 October 2002)
When Dave met Will
Time to Leave
"Wow. That was close, but I thought my time might be up" was all Dave had to say. The guard of honour was now getting smaller. As he left, he gave Sam a congratulatory hug and then got slapped by Nicole. Still smarting from the slap, flanked by the obligatory security guards, he left the house to face a cheering crowd and a brisk walk to the studio.

What Dave had to say

WW - "Ladies and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to the latest evictee, Mr. Dave Letterman. He wasn't a happy volunteer when he went in, but I think the house grew on him. Isn't that right, Dave?"
Dave - "It certainly is, Will. I was a pain in the butt when I went in, but as you said the place grew on me. I'll never knock 'Big Brother' or 'Sim Brother' again."
WW - "That's good to hear and we'll look forward to seeing it. How did you feel to be voted out by just one vote?"
Dave - "It was that close? Wow! Well, I'd like to thank my fans for their support and the rousing reception they gave me when I left the house."
WW - "Well, considering your initial reluctance, you did settle in very quickly. Only four days after going in, you showed your bravery and courage when you rushed in and managed to put out a barbecue fire."
Dave - "Well, someone had to do it."
WW - "Before we look at your best moments in the house, what do you reckon was your worst moment in the house?"
Dave - "That was definitely having a fight with Sam. Jealousy runs high in such a confined environment. That was uncalled for. I over-reacted."
WW - "You were quite close to Nicole for a while. As she slapped you when you left, what do you think went wrong?"
Dave - "Beats me! Well, slaps me. It's close enough."
WW - "What do you reckon was your best time?"
Dave - "It's kinda hard to say. There was a lot in the show that I enjoyed. I enjoyed the obstacle course. I enjoyed the archery. I enjoyed the parties. I enjoyed the relationship I had with Nicole Kidman. I enjoyed the Weakest Sim. But there's one thing that stands out above everything."
WW - "And what was that?"
Dave - "The fishing."
WW - "We thought it might be. As a prize for coming in 4th Place, we've got a ticket for you and a friend to the Dew Drop Inn, the best fishing spot from TSZ Holidays."
Dave - "Thankyou, Will."

WW - "And there we are. We are now down to the final three. Voting has already begun for you to want to win. See you next week."

Stay tuned to this channel to find out about the housemates' Halloween happenings.


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