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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 71 (Thursday 31 October 2002)
Halloween in the House
Yesterday was quite an ordeal for the housemates. Before the pressures of eviction, there was also "The Weakest Sim" when Anne Robinson came into the house to deliver the Sim Brother version of the show. Nicole would be leaving the house §16,000 richer. The housemates didn't have time to unwind when it was that time to find out who was leaving ... and with the closest voting this season, it was Dave who left.

As it is now Hallowe'en, what does Sim Brother have in store for the housemates?

Saved Sam
1.15AM - Sam came to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (sc) - "How are you, Sam?"
Sam - "Glad to be here. I'm pleased I'm in the final three. I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far. I was sorry to see Dave go. Even though we had our differences, I really liked the guy. I'll miss him."

Nicole's Regrets
5.19AM - Nicole was the first one awake and came straight to the Diary Room.
SB (sc) - "Hello, Nicole, how are you?"
Nicole - "A bit angry with myself. I should have hugged Dave last night. Instead, I slapped him out of frustration. He didn't deserve it. I miss him already and wish he was still here."

On the Morning
8.57AM - Nicole had done some cleaning and GW had prepared breakfast. The subject of conversation was The End.
Samuel - "I'm glad to be here and know that I will be here until next Wednesday night."
GW - "I'm sure I was brought back because the directors thought I was a balancing influence on the house."
Nicole - "Could it be because you're a drongo?"
GW - "No. I'm a Simpublican."
12.00PM - "This is Sim Brother. It is time for you to relax. For the rest of today, the Poor Room has been decorated for a Hallowe'en Party. There is a buffet table, the jukebox has been moved and there are other suitable goodies for your own amusement. Costumes are available for you in the wardrobe in your bedroom. There is only one criteria to this. Enjoy yourselves."

The Party Begins ...

With Nicole as a witch, Samuel as a duo-faced harlequin and GW as a wizard, they first filled up the punchbowl and got chatting about their outfits.

Nicole - "What made Sim Brother think I was a witch?"
Samuel - "I don't know how they thought I was a harlequin. My outfit is perfect camouflage with this room."
GW - "I don't see how I can be a wizard. Perhaps they think I can make a spell that would get me my job back. Either way, I can't see myself having a swim in this outfit."

(Credits - Original Witch and Wizard's outfits from The Sims Notebook)

Passion, Voodoo & Headaches
2.15PM - GW was not quite in the party mood. He'd gone out into the garden and was kicking the garden ornaments. However, it looked like things were out of his control. Back in the Party Room, Nicole had found the Voodoo Doll that Sim Brother had so kindly provided - "I wonder what this does. It looks just like George."
4.28PM - The punch appeared to be a bit more lethal than usual and before long, Sam and Nicole were kissing passionately. Before long, they decided to continue their frisky frolicking in the bedroom.
6.15PM - The punch had been going to GW's head and he found the voodoo doll and started stabbing it mercilessly.
In the bedroom, Sam had just got dressed when - "OUCH! I've just got a terrible headache."
Nicole - "It's a good job you didn't have that just earlier."

Jealousy & Horrific Visions
7.10PM - Sam was resting in bed, trying to ease his headache. Nicole had changed back into her costume and GW had caught her for a chat.

GW - "I don't trust Sam! There's something about him that doesn't fit."
Nicole - "You're only jealous, George."
11.18PM - Sam went back to the Halloween Room and was horrified by one of the ghastly pictures on the wall - "Now that is something really horrific. Urghh! I'll have bad dreams tonight."

11.43PM - Samuel was the last one to bed and slipped in next to Nicole.
And that is where they are going to have to leave it.
  • With the housemates now into their final week, what does Sim Brother have planned?
  • On the outside, what does Jimmy Maximus have to say about the betting?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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