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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 72 (Friday 1 November 2002)
Being Someone Else
Yesterday was the beginning of the final week and it was also Halloween. Sim Brother threw a party for the housemates. The punch was flowing, Nicole and Sam's relationship developed and GW managed to give Sam a really bad headache.

How is everyone on the day after?

First Man Up
5.21AM - GW was the first one of the housemates to get up. He had slept in his wizard's hat and beard and he looked a bit the worse for wear. He quickly changed out of them, went to the toilet and had a shower.

Breakfast Banter
8.32AM - George had prepared breakfast. Sim Brother had provided him with a new suit to wear. The breakfast topic was Travel and Leisure.
Samuel - "I might like plane travel and a good car, but I hate boats."
GW - "I'm not too keen on them either."
Nicole - "Does that mean both you guys are seasick?"
Samuel - "Not 'seasick'. More a low water tolerance level."
GW - "I need the toilet a lot too. Anyway, I am missing my Presidential Motorcade. I found it odd getting a Yellow Cab when I left here before."
Sam - "Welcome to the real world, GW. We'll all be back in it this time next week."
Nicole - "I wonder if I'll get any new movie offers from my exposure here."
Sam - "Expose a bit more and Ron Jeremy might send some work your way."

The Beta Testers

1.00PM - Sim Brother (jej) - "This is Sim Brother. Please assemble in the Function Room." They complied. "Congratulations. You have been tested and challenged physically and mentally. As well as being selected to be on Sim Brother, you have also been selected from the tens of thousands of applications to beta-test The Sims Online. Throughout the test, you cannot tell the other testers who you are or try and find anything that is going on in the outside world. You can play the game as you please but you will be assessed for character development and wealth. The most successful of you will receive a reward of §10,000 when you leave the house. It's time to be someone else. Enjoy yourselves."
Samuel called himself Jack Leroy.

He tried to set up a classy nightclub but it turned out as a sleazy bordello. He had to spend most of his time running it. He got to make quite a bit of money, however.
Nicole had changed her sex to become Claus Truman.

"His" time was spent running a public spa. Most of the time was spent tweaking it to make it a high quality establishment and trying to find suitable employees.
GW's online Sim was named Jeb Walker.

He took a completely different approach. He spent all of his time moving around the virtual world and got to make a lot of friends.
4.27PM - Nicole and George took a "time out" to compare notes.

GW - "There's still some technical glitches with it. Some guy called JT was telling me not to go to the toilet. You won't get out."
Nicole - "I'm finding that it takes me ages to try and improve any of my skills."

Hunting & Winning
6.08PM - Fluffly had spent her day playing with four families of mice. When she had got bored, her playthings were all "terminated with extreme prejudice".

9.32PM - George's time as an online schmoozola was tiring and he unwound by playing with the cat.
10.06PM - Half an hour later, all of the housemates had disconnected. Sim Brother made its announcement.

"Thankyou for your contribution to making what is expected to be the biggest MMORPG on the net. There can only be one winner of the §10,000 and that is the one who realised that in order to succeed in life, knowing people is the best way forward. That person is .... "

"G W"

Cleaning Up
11.44PM - Both Nicole and GW had gone to bed. Samuel was still up. He had been pottering around the house, cleaning the bathroom. He was now on his way to bed.

And that is where we are going to have to leave it.
  • Will Sim Brother have the housemates working again tomorrow?
  • Will "Jeb Walker" join the Founders Program for TSO?
  • How many more mice are there in the house for Fluffly to hunt?

    Tune in tomorrow anyway.


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