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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 73 (Saturday 2 November 2002)
Hustings & Riding
Yesterday, the housemates were privileged to be betatesters for "The Sims Online". GW's alterego of Jeb Walker had been the most successful housemate and would be leaving the show §10,000 richer.

How are the housemates coming to terms with the end being nearer?

Dream On
Attached to the Sim Brother Psychological Team are Dream Analysts. All of the housemates have been fitted with experimental dream monitors. During the night, Nicole appeared a lot in Samuel's dreams, whereas Fluffly appeared the most in her dreams. George didn't dream about much at all.

On the Morning
5.48AM - Once again, GW was the first one up. His only dream had been about the Mechanical Bull and that was where he went first to shake the sleep out of him by bucking about - on Easy Setting only, though. With his winnings, he'd now be able to afford one of these for his own home.
7.29AM - He had prepared breakfast and was joined by Nicole. His subject was his last job.
GW - "I think I was treated unfairly. I'm a professional. I should be back in the White House."
Nicole - "You're a professional. That's for sure, but I'm unsure what type of professional you should be. Weren't you happy being a sous chef?"
GW declined to answer.
9.38AM - Nicole spent the rest of the morning cleaning around and emptying the Gunginator.
10.26AM - Samuel was the last one up and he enjoyed a late breakfast.
12.13PM - Nicole greeted Sam with a passionate kiss which he did not object to.

Vote for Me !!!
Sim Brother called each of the housemates in turn to the Diary Room to give them to chance to try and influence the public to vote for them to win.
"My fellow Simericans, my time as being your Commander-in-chief has been cut short despite having been erected fair and square, you have you chance to erect me as the winner of Slim Bubba II. If Slim Bubba himself thinks I deserve a second chance at the title, so should you. I'm even wearing a new suit for the occasion. Thankyou."
"Hello, everyone. I'd like to win Sim Brother II for two reasons. Firstly, I want to beat my ex-husband Tom. So far, I've got into the final three. He didn't. He was doing something similar before I came into this house. I've got to see if I can get further. Secondly, I feel I have contributed a lot to the house. I've slept with half of the guys and I've trained the cat. I hope that amounts to something. So, please, vote for me."
"Hi. I came in here for the experience of being in a virtual reality TV show. I didn't expect to get this far. Now I'm here, I'd like to win. Apart from destroying a valuable robot, I've given a lot to the house. I exposed Lucy as the plant. It's a pity that it was my girlfriend at the time. I've been a funny guy. Also, I think it is time a guy won. Sorry, ladies, but Anna won last time. Give the guys a break!"

The Ride of Her Life
6.18PM - Nicole tried the Bull again on difficult. Before she got on, she said - "If I get this right, I think Sim Brother should give us a turkey dinner."
Sam - "That's something to look forward to!"
9.28PM - Three hours later and Nicole was still on the Bull - "WHO'S ON DUTY TONIGHT ??!! THIS BLOODY THING ISN'T STOPPING!"
Samuel - "Hey, I could watch you riding all night! Go, baby, go!"
11.48PM - The ride finally came to a stop and Nicole got off - "My *** is killing me!" - and collapsed in a heap. Samuel - "Well done, girl. I'll let you rest. I'm off to bed."

And that is where we are going to have to leave them.
  • Whatever happened to the mechanical bull?
  • How will Nicole feel in the morning?
  • Has Sim Brother got any more surprises?

    Tune in tomorrow.

  • On the Streets of SimCity
    Jimmy Maximus, owner of the largest chain of bookmakers in SimCity gave us the latest odds.

  • Nicole - Evens
  • Samuel - 3-2
  • George - 20-1

    Perhaps today's hustings might change people's voting preferences.


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