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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 74 (Sunday 3 November 2002)
Turkey and No Bull
Welcome to Eviction Night
"Hi, everyone! I am at the moment in what was formerly the Poor Bedroom but we've since been using as a Function Room. The housemates are out there having a formal dinner. They don't know that one of their number is leaving tonight. Before we spring the news on them, let's see what they've got up to today."

# Dream a little dream with me #
Samuel dreamt about a road. Was this a premonition that someone would be travelling or did he just want to make another Simclays bank advert.
GW dreamt about clouds obscuring the sun. This had many meanings. Will the sun will come out tomorrow, is there trouble ahead or will he be the SC-AM weatherman?
Nicole dreamt about a football. Did this mean she wanted to kick people about, be team captain or wanted to own her own dream team?
This old symbol in GW's dreams had various meanings. Did he have plans for world peace, go back to the 60s and his college days or perhaps in a former life, he was in the 2nd Panzer Division.
Samuel dreamt about an airplane, which could mean travel.
Nicole dreamt about music. Did she want to change her career?

Alternately, which could happen, if this was a joint dream, they were " # leaving on a jetplane, don't know when we'll be back again # "

Holiday Plans
7.39AM - George was the first one up again. After doing his ablutions and showering, he prepared a cooked breakfast of a flapjacks for the housemates.
8.43AM - Samuel joined him for breakfast. Their topic of conversation was what to do after they leave.
GW - "I'm going to fly to Simoa for a long holiday."
Sam - "I heard the Heartbreak Inn on Simoa is a wonderful hotel. It was supposed to open just after we came in here."

No more bull from Sim Brother
2.00PM - Nicole came to the Diary Room

Sim Brother (jej) - "How are you, Nicole?"
Nicole - "A bit upset about yesterday. That ****** machine could have killed me."
SB - "The mechanical bull has been fenced off. We will try and repair it later, or otherwise remove it."
2.51PM - GW wasn't happy about the bull being fenced off.

GW - "I wanted to have a ride on this doohickey! SB had better get off its invisible backside and fix it!"

( Credits - Fence from 8th Deadly Sim )

The Turkey Dinner

Whether it was because Nicole managed to stay on the Bull on Difficult setting for over 5 hours, or Sim Brother had a conscience for letting a piece of dodgy equipment enter the house or whether something else was planned for later, Sim Brother gave the housemates the turkey dinner that Nicole had asked for.

After carving the turkey, the three housemates were told that dinner suits and a formal gown were in the wardrobe for them so they could dress formally.

GW - "Samuel, this is supposed to be a formal dinner, but you're still wearing that darned beret."
Samuel - "For the amount of simollians this Golkan beret cost me, it's formal in my reckoning."
Nicole - "Boys, boys! Let's just enjoy this delicious turkey. This is not the place for bickering. You'll be talking about politics next if this continues."
GW - "Putting an actor in the White House means its the end of the world!"
Samuel - "Wasn't Ronald Reagan an actor, GW?"

Surprise Eviction

After dinner, the housemates had a few cups of strong coffee. Unfortunately, no cigars or After Eight mints were made available for them to finish off the meal in style. They were sat chatting generally, when it was time to wake them up.

Will Wright - "Good evening, housemates. This is Will Wright."
Samuel - "What the f-"
WW - "You are on TSZ Livestream so please do not swear."
Samuel - "Sorry, WW."
WW - "All this week, the public have been voting for who is going to win this series of Sim Brother. At this stage, the person with the least amount of votes will be leaving the house."
Nicole - "That's not fair!"
GW - "Nor is losing the White House to an actor, but that's life."
WW - "The person with the least amount of votes and therefore the 3rd Placed Contestant is ..."

" G W "

Come back shortly for GW's eviction from the house and what he had to say about his second spell in the house.


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