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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 74 (Sunday 3 November 2002)
George's Interview - Take 2
Goodbye, again
GW - "I wish I wasn't leaving you guys. I thought I'd see it through to the end."
Nicole - "So did we. Take care and we'll see you in a few days?"
Sam - "Look after yourself, GW"
And with that, George W Bush walked out of the door of the Sim Brother house for the second time.

The Third Place Story

WW - "For the first time in Sim Brother history, it is my great pleasure to reintroduce tonight's evictee from the Sim Brother II House, George W Bush."
George - "Thanks, Will. I would say it's good to see you again, but I wish it had been on Wednesday night instead."
WW - "How do you feel about your second stay in the Sim Brother house?"
George - "It was definitely too short. I'll feel embarrassed about asking the manager of the Hilton for my job back."
WW - "You might not have to. You've shown yourself to be a natural at TSO and you are §10,000 richer for your successful day online. Also, you've been requested by TSO Weekly to fill in a FAQ section."
George - "I don't think I'm qualified to write about sex."
WW - "Err? It doesn't matter. Anyway, did you have a good time while you were in there this time?"
George - "It felt strange. I had seen the outside but I was suddenly back in. I felt as though I hadn't left. I started where I left off and got on better with Dave this time and I feel both Nicole and Samuel."
WW - "Before we ask you what you believed to be your best time, what do you think was your worst?"
George - "I can't clearly remember but I think it was on Halloween when I stabbed the voodoo doll thinking it was Sam. I really regret that."
WW - "And your best time?"
George - "All of it was a great time. My best time was definitely playing TSO. I met a lot of interesting people. There's some guy in Happy Elms that I'm going to look up when I next get online."
WW - "As the 3rd Place winner, you don't just go away with what you won with TSO. It might not be Simoa but you've got a paid two-week vacation at Willie's Harbor in Simorca. I hope you like fishing and sunbathing."

George - "I'll love it. Thankyou, Will."
WW - "Now there are only two housemates. It is the final stretch now. How will they spend their last few days and what will Sim Brother have them to do? You know what to do. Tune in tomorrow. Thanks for watching."


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