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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 75 (Monday 4 November 2002)
Insomnia, Archery & Nudity
It surprised the housemates when George was evicted and declared the 3rd place winner of Sim Brother II. He had only received 4.8% of the public vote so it was not that much of a surprise to the viewers, especially considering this had been done before.

Now there are two, how will they cope and what will Sim Brother give them to help them fill in their time?

Talking in the Tub
2.15AM - Instead of going to bed, Nicole and Sam had a soak in the hot tub.
Nicole - "I don't know what Sim Brother was thinking of evicting George but it's just not fair."
Samuel - "It could have been you or me who went."
Nicole - "It's the principle that I don't like. They might be in charge but they are being completely unfair to us."
Samuel - "There has been quite a few movie stars in here this time."
Nicole - "You, me and Lucy. We've had a TV presenter - Dave - and two sporting stars. David and Serena."
Samuel - "Plus the obligatory politician who ended up being a chef."
Nicole - "Don't forget Geri and Tom, the musicians."

New Fun and a New Home
5.30AM - The stress of the sudden eviction was paying its toll. Both of them tried to get to sleep in the garden. Nicole managed a short sleep, but Samuel didn't.

Sim Brother saw their plight and announced their entertainment of the day earlier than anticipated.
7.45AM - Sim Brother (sc) - "Good morning, Nicole and Sam. To keep you entertained for today, two archery ranges have been set up in the function room for your own amusement. Other means of entertainment will be made available in these last crucial days."
Even Fluffly did not go without attention. As the "honorary housemate", she was given a Shag Spyer to replace the scratching pole and her basket.

It did not take long before she had climbed up to the top and was putting it to good use.

Skinnydipping & Skinnydining
Whether it was the punch Sim Brother had left for them or their lack of sleep but both Nicole and Sam stripped off and jumped into the pool for a spot of midday skinnydipping.
12.10PM - They didn't even bother dressing when they had their lunch. Sim Brother chose to film them from a discrete angle.

Hydrophobic Cat & "Robin Nude"
Fluffly showed a distinctive aversion to the swimming pool and although she wandered quite close to it, she was obviously very apprehensive about it.

6.30PM - A couple more glasses of punch and Nicole and Sam were still awake, still naked and back on the archery range. Sam's shots were more accurate than Nicole's - quite a "Robin Nude".

Early to Bed
7.03PM - Conceding defeat, Nicole had finally gone to bed. Sam had stayed up a bit longer to clean out the gunginator and feed the cat. He came to bed at 8.30PM.

And with Nicole and Sam choosing to have an early night, that is where we are going to have to leave it.

  • What entertainment does Sim Brother have for them tomorrow?
  • How is the betting going at the bookmakers in SimCity?
  • What exactly goes on in the Sim Brother production building?

    Tune in tomorrow for the news from Maximus, a special report from the Studio and the latest from the final two housemates.


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