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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 18 (Monday 4 February 2002)
The Tournament Begins
The Morning Before
By 8:17am, everyone in the Sim Brother house had got up. Most of them had already had breakfast, MNM had shot a few baskets and Anna, Davina, Jennifer & Jerry had enjoyed a good chat about the day ahead. Anne was the last one to get up.

At 11.00am, Anna came to the Diary Room.
SB - "How are you today, Anna?"
AK - "I am happy here and hope that people will not vote me out. I want to take my time in here to work out what I really want to do with my life. Also, I am looking forward to the chess championship. I would like to win"

The First Heats and Heated Emotions
At 3.00pm, the first four were in their seats. Tony was drawn against Davina and Anna had been drawn against MNM.

Just over two hours later, it was all over for Davina. Tony had beaten her 2-0. However, she did not have any hard feelings and gave Tony a hug … although Tom apparently had bad feelings towards Tony. He had seen the hug from the patio.

It almost took until 7pm for MNM to win. Anna had managed to win the first game but MNM won the second and third to win 2-1.

Both Tony and MNM go into Wednesday's Semi Final.

Tom went into the Den to try and sort himself out. He has tried to distance himself from Davina and Jennifer, but is jealous of anyone taking an interest in either of them. He came out of the Den at 8pm and joined MNM and Jerry at the table having a chat. Tom said, "What has gone on in here would make a great movie." The other two were not so sure.

MNM is worried
Despite spending most of the afternoon playing chess, MNM did not neglect his cleaning duties.

MNM was concerned what people thought about him and spoke to Tony about it - "Tony, I am no crook. I just don't like the rules here".
Tony - "Marshall, rules are there to help us and should not be broken".
MNM - "**** to the rules!"

Tom, Jerry, Anne & Jennifer were in bed by 10pm as they needed a good sleep because they were playing tomorrow. Anne seemed to be looking forward to her match tomorrow, although she does not know who her opponent will be. The rest of the housemates were in bed by 11:00pm.


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