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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 76 (Tuesday 5 November 2002)
Picnics & Bonfires
Samuel and Nicole spent a leisurely day on the archery range that Sim Brother had set up in the Function Room, plus some skinnydipping in the pool. Sim Brother had provided plenty of punch and their inhibitions seemed to disappear for the day.

It is now the beginning of their last full day in the Sim Brother house. What will happen to them today?

On the Morning
6.09AM - Nicole has just woken up and is going through the usual motions. She had been asleep for 11 hours.

Samuel was still asleep but it was expected he would not be asleep for long.

10.07AM - Over the breakfast table, they talked about what would happen when it was all over.

Sam - "After all of this is over, where do we go from here?"
Nicole - "No idea. We've had fun. I've had certain experiences that I will never forget. I think the best place is to leave it at that."

A Picnic Lunch

1.00PM - Both Nicole and Sam were invited into the Battlezone for a picnic. They talked in general about their time in the house and that they were looking forward to the end of the show. There was no further mention of what their plans were once they were out of the house.

Bonfire Night

On the evening, Sim Brother provided them with the bonfire and rockets to celebrate Bonfire Night ( SB - It's a British thing! ). After they had fired all of their rockets, both Nicole and Sam had an early night and were both in bed by 10.30pm.

Stay Tuned
Stay tuned to this channel.

At 11.30pm, you can find out what the evicted housemates have been up to since they left the house.

At Midnight, you will be put out of your misery and find out who the winner of the series is.

At 0.30am, you will find out what the 2nd place contender had to say to Will.

At 1.00am, there will be the final show of this series when Will goes into the house to meet the Winner.


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