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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
Evictees on the Outside
What have they been up to?

Since the last report, news about Tom Jones is that he is singing again. Not quite back to the Vegas Days, but Tom is singing in the Plaza Lounge of the Wilkinson Tower in SimCity. When asked to comment about the renaissance of his musical career, his only reply was "# It's not unusual #"
It was only recently we managed to find some news about what Geri Halliwell has been doing since she left the Sim Brother house.
# According to our sources, the street's the place to go. For the first time in history, at justabout half past ten, for the first time in history it's gonna start raining men. #
Geri is now the new weathergirl for the SC-AM breakfast TV program.
Since becoming a father for the second time, David Beckham has gone back to playing football - and a good thing too!. Virtual reality and reality are overlapping and David has only appeared tonight under maximum security and will not be staying for the after-show party.
Since Tom got a job as a lounge singer back in Sim City, Serena Williams has changed her jobs as well. Interested in a movie career ("if Eminem can do it, so can I"), she has got a minor role in a B-Movie called "New Balls!". She declined to comment about the plotline and as to whether it was an accurate representation of professional tennis.
If you blink, you would have missed her. Lucy Liu was in the background on the "Inside Sim Brother" report. Waiting for her deal with Alpha Taurus fashions (licensed only to distribute at TSZ), Lucy was given a job with the Sim Brother Tech Team to check over equipment for possible licensing to the international program.
Dave Letterman was dragged into the Sim Brother house against his wishes. He left also against his wishes. That showed what effect being in the house for 5 weeks could have on people. He has been enjoying his vacation at the Dew Drop Inn, but has taken a break to come back and be with us tonight.

Stay Tuned
Come back at Midnight (GMT) to find out what they have been up to today and who will become the Winner of Sim Brother II.


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