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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 77 (Wednesday 6 November 2002)
And the Winner is ...
Welcome to the Final Night

"Seventy Seven days ago, eight housemates entered the Sim Brother house. Through a process of eviction, exiting, introduction, expulsion and re-entry, there are now only two people left in there. You have been voting in record numbers this time and the polls have now closed. Samuel and Nicole are waiting in the lounge to find out which one of them becomes the winner of Sim Brother II."

"However, before we go there, let us find out what they have been up to on their last day in the house."

On the Morning

8.03AM - It's the Final Day in the Sim Brother House. Both Sam and Nicole have slept well, but separately.
Nicole - "I can't believe that this is the last day."
Samuel - "Me too. The past 11 weeks have just slipped past. It will be great to see my family and friends tonight. I'm sure you'll win."
Nicole - "Nonsense. It has to be you. Most of the viewers are American."
Samuel - "Most of the viewers like you, I bet."
11.03AM - With having very little to do, Samuel and Nicole decided to relax and make the most of the opportunity of having their own hottub.
Nicole - "I wonder what the after show party will be like?"
Samuel - "Beats me. I wonder if everyone will turn up."
Nicole - "I wonder what the others have got up to since they left?"

Afternoon Activities
4.00PM - After having had a long soak together, they spent their afternoon separately.

Nicole was having an afternoon nap, preparing herself for what would be a long night.
Sam had been busy doing some gardening and tidying up to keep his mind off things.

The Time Has Come
"Well, that time has come. They have been waiting patiently in the Lounge and are now sat together on the couch. It's time to go to them and give one of them the news that they want to hear."

WW - "Samuel and Nicole, this is Will Wright. Can you hear me?"
Samuel - "You know we can."
Nicole - "Yes, Will."
WW - "All week, the viewers have been voting for who they think deserves to win Sim Brother. The polls have now closed. All the votes have been counted, checked, rechecked and verified by an independent assessor."

"The winner of Sim Brother II is ......."


Samuel - "I knew it would be you. Well done."
WW - "Samuel, you have a minute to say your farewells to Nicole before you must leave the house and meet me in the studio."
Samuel - "I'm on my way!"
WW - "Nicole, I'll be coming to see you in about half an hour. Do you reckon you can keep yourself occupied?"
Nicole - "No probs, Will."

WW - "Come back in half an hour when I will be interviewing Sam and finding out about his time in the Sim Brother house."


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