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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 77 (Wednesday 6 November 2002)
Interview with Samjax
What Samjax said.

WW - "It gives me great pleasure to introduce the runner up for this series of Sim Brother - Samuel L Jackson."
Samuel - "It's a pleasure to meet you, "
WW - "How do you feel about coming this far?"
Samuel - "I would have liked to have won. Who wouldn't? However, it couldn't have gone to a nicer person. Anyway, I applied to Sim Brother for the experience."
WW - "And you certainly had plenty of experiences in the house. Lets look at some of the things you managed to do."
"You had the first kiss in this series of Sim Brother. You managed to reprogram and destroy a Servo. You were involved in the only fight this season has seen. You scored a perfect 180 on the dartboard. Your Red Team scored 4 points in the volleyball. You won the Runaround. You won the Driving Range Championship. You exposed Lucy as the Sim Brother mole. The thing you will like is that you have come out of the house §7,000 richer."
Samuel - "That last bit is what I like to hear"
WW - "What do you reckon was your worst moment in the house?"
Samuel - "The fight was pretty bad, but I reckon destroying Servo was my worst moment."
WW - "And what do you reckon was your best moment?"
Samuel - "I think it was the golf. It was something I enjoy doing on the outside and it was great doing it in the house."

WW - "As well as the §7,000 you won while you were in there, as part of your prize, you win a three week holiday on Simoa in the Heartbreak Inn."
Samuel - "Wow. Thanks, Will."
WW - "Thankyou for all of the entertainment you have given us in the last 11 weeks."
Samuel - "You're welcome!"

WW - "Come back at 1 o'clock (GMT) when I go to the house to meet Nicole, the series winner and find out what she has to say."


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