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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 77 (Wednesday 6 November 2002)
Meeting the Winner
Welcome to the House, Will
Nicole - "Welcome to the house, Will. Please, come in and take a seat."
WW - "Thankyou, Nicole. Congratulations upon being the winner of Sim Brother II. How do you feel about it?"

Nicole - "It hasn't really sunk in yet, Will. What I am proud of is that I have managed to do what I set out to do. I came into the house with the objective of lasting longer than my ex-husband, and hopefully I will have done better than his second attempt to win a series like this."
WW - "You did. Tom only came second at Ultrasims: Big Brother."
Nicole - "Yay!"
WW - "With having been in the house since the start of the series, you did really well. You survived evictions, had romantic flings with David Beckham, Dave Letterman and Samuel L Jackson. You trained the cat to the stage where Fluffly wanted to be a part of the family. Your obsession with cleanliness caused you to create a rota. You've been a busy girl."
Nicole - "It's the atmosphere in here that does it. By the way, what happened to my old rota?"
WW - "It was put as the prize in a competition and was won by someone called Mark Sellick. It was very fiercely contested with other applicants saying that they would get that rota by whatever means."
Nicole - "That sounds a bit heavy."
WW - "Anyway, Mark did say he'd like you to go and officially unveil the rota at his site offices where it is on display."
Nicole - "I'd be delighted to."
WW - "You played hard while you were in the house. You were a fierce contestant, house captain on several occasions, fighting hard to get what was best for your house and yourself. Our cashiers are still trying to tally up your extra winnings from the different games that you played which will be added to the §100,000 that you will be getting for winning the series and also ..."
Nicole - "Do I win the house?"
WW - "Not just the house. You also get Fluffly as well as your pet and a three week paid vacation to the Santa Clara Spa!"

Nicole - "That's way too kind, Will!"
WW - "Well, you can enjoy your holiday later! Now, it's time to go outside and meet the crowds and take your place on the Winner's Podium."

To cheers and applause, Nicole left the Sim Brother II House as the series winner.

That's All Folks
"And that's it. The show is over. We'll let Nicole bask in her glory as the winner of Sim Brother II"

"However, the final thanks once again goes to you, the viewers. Your votes mattered and without your votes, there would be no series. Thanks again. Take care of yourselves and thankyou for watching."


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