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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 1 (Friday 15 August 2003)
Let us begin
Welcome to the House

Welcome to the House.

It has taken months of planning in private and it is finally completed. To date, this house has the largest interior but at the expense of having a smaller garden. The housemates will have a lot to explore as Sim Brother gradually chooses to reveal it to them. What is in the dark rooms? Sim Brother will get back to you on that.

This is the house. It is now time to meet the housemates.

The Housemates
7.15am - The first two housemates arrive at the house. Britney and George.

Britney – “Hey, this sounds like fun and I get to be on TV all of the time. What? It's TSZ Livestream? I thought it was MTV. Where's my agent?

George – “Although the offers keep coming, the change of pace is intriguing which was why I applied for SB3. Have a break and do something off the cuff ... perhaps even be myself.
Britney tells George about how much she liked his last movie ... and how she wants to pursue a movie career herself following her success in “Crossroads”. George's body language is contradictory. His nodding indicates he understands but his blank eyes show that inside he hasn't a clue.
7.30am - The next two people to arrive at the house are Graham and Hillary.

Graham – “I've reported on Big Brother from the outside, so why not do Sim Brother from the inside? After all, I know everything they can throw at me. I can take it.

Hillary – “The work of being a senator is a tough one but my political campaign can continue just as well being inside the Sim Brother house. A few strings pulled and I got in there. Every night, every week and my face is on the public's TV screens. What better publicity could I ask for?
Hillary is the first to pay attention to the eye of Sim Brother

Hillary - "Eerie. That eye is following me around the house"
Graham - "It's the only eye that will be following you, love"

Graham was paying attention to one of the pictures – “Now this picture is more like it. I'm sure I've seen this one before on sale at my local Woolworths. However, they could have decorated the house a bit better."
8.00am - The 5th and 6th Arrivals at the house are Maggie and Oprah

Maggie - "When I heard a "Maggie" was going in, I initially thought of that one who used to be the PM. I was shocked and honoured to find out it was me and I am here to show you all that I'm not as old and witch-like as you think. Remember, 'there is nothing like a dame' and you've got one right here, gentlemen :)"

Oprah - "I love interviewing real people in real situations and what better a place could I ask to do a show from but from inside the Sim Brother house? Jerry and Dave have been in there. Jay and Ricky and Doc Phil, I beat you in here!!"
8.30am - The housemates are starting to get to know each other and the subject of the conversation is who the next housemates are going to be. Hillary and Oprah wonder if one of them will be a chef, Graham and Britney think one of them may be another movie star and George and Maggie believe a fashion model is coming in.
Outside, the final housemates are dropped off and they are Ruud and Will, both eager to get inside the house.

Ruud - "Kicking a ball around is getting a bit dull and Mr. Ferguson seems to be getting tired of me ... so I applied to Sim Brother III during the off season. I hope the team does well while I'm in here."

Will - "Dad said I'd get a good 21st Birthday present but it might be a bit late. However, being put in the Sim Brother house is not quite what I thought he had in mind."
The moment Will entered the house, the door was locked and sealed. The next time the door would open would be when the first housemate leaves the Sim Brother house.

Let the show begin

Basketball and Toilets
9.15am - The housemates are busy looking around what will be their home for at least the next two weeks. Oprah is taking an interest in the two-way mirrors. "I know you're in there, cameraman. You'd better not miss anything good"

9.23am - George is the first housemate to go to the toilet - "It must have been all of that juice I had for breakfast at the hotel", he says to Ruud who is also on his way to the bathroom.
9.39am - Britney and Maggie are in the garden playing basketball

Maggie - "This is a bit like netball that I played when I was at school."
Britney - "It's great fun but I don't want to break my nails"
Maggie - "Don't be such a party-pooper. Join in and have fun"
9.54am - Graham is sat in the lounge reading the house rules - "Oh no, we've got to do the gardening. I hate gardening. I have a man who comes and does it for me. He's really good with his hands and knows how to use his tool."
10.13am - Oprah is outside feeding the fish.
Will goes to the bathroom - "I wish there were gold toilets in here like at home, but I could rough it for a while, I suppose"
11.07am – Britney is in the bathroom washing her hands. Graham is the last of the housemates to make the first visit to the toilet. "I hope it's not stinky in there" he says to her as he goes past.
Britney - "I flushed after I went so it's not me, Graham."

The only person who has not flushed the toilet yet is Ruud.
11.43am - Hillary is admiring the moose on the wall near the lounge - "It's just like Bill ... a horny big-head"

George is outside preparing the housemates’ first meal … burgers.

Bickering about Burgers

12.24pm - Sim Brother has become so legendary, it immediately attracts fans who try and get a glimpse of their stars but are prevented from doing by the all-round security walls.

Inside the house, although still worried about breaking her fingernails, Britney is playing basketball with Will, although he does not appear to be too thrilled.
Britney - "Have you got a girlfriend yet, Willie?"
Will - "Er ... not at the moment"
Britney smiles to herself.

1.25pm - While Britney and George eat the burgers, Graham has helped himself to the fridge instead of a burger – “I'm not eating that, George. I don't know where it has been

2.51pm - Ruud and Will finally give into hunger pangs and each have a burger
Ruud - "I'd rather eat this than let the flies get to it"
Will - "I've had better at McSimmies but these will do"
George - "Thankyou for your vote of thanks, your royalness"

Oprah's Alliance
5.06pm - Maggie, Ruud and Oprah are in the toilets.
Oprah - "If we can form an alliance right now, we've got an edge over those guys"
Maggie - "I'm not sure, dear. I think it is too early. "
Oprah - "Either you are with us or you're not, honey"
Maggie - "Sweet I might be, sticky I'm not and I certainly don’t attract flies"
Ruud - "I’ll join your team, Oprah. "
Oprah - "Then let's clean this place up a bit"

"This is Sim Brother"

7.15pm - All of the housemates have gathered together on the couches in the lounge - "This is Sim Brother. Welcome to the house."
All - "Thankyou, Sim Brother."
Graham - "About time he said something to us. I bet he’ll want us to nominate immediately"
SB - "To briefly familiarise you with the rules, there is no fighting, there is no discussing nominations with any housemate, there is no escape. Also, expect the unexpected and predict the unpredictable..."
Will - "Do I get a butler?"
SB - "There are no pigs or chickens to look after but there is a garden to help with your food supply"
Ruud - "I don't know nothing about gardening."
Maggie - "I don't know anything, dear."
Ruud - "You neither?"
SB - ""Different parts of the house will be revealed to you as time goes by. They may be at the discretion of Sim Brother and either awarded to you in the course of events, or they are awarded as the result of completing a task or challenge. The bedrooms are now open to you. Although bedrooms are arbitrarily divided between male and female, your sleeping arrangements are you own concern. ...However ... there are only six beds."
All - (cries of horror)
SB - ""Until you get to know each other better well enough to share a bed, one or two of you will have to sleep on the couch or in the loungers in the garden. Sim Brother recommends you start getting to know each other right now. What you learn here may come in useful at a later date."
Will - "Don't I get my own room?"
SB - "Spend the rest of the evening getting to know each other as you will be questioned on this later in the week."
Graham - "Our first task. Isn't it exciting?"
Britney - "Not really"
Graham - "The question was rhetorical, dear."
Britney - "It was a dumb question rather than re-toilet-al. "

End of the Day
10.05pm – The housemates have been discussing their lives all night and the discussion is in full flow when Ruud is the first one to go to bed.
11.55pm – Britney is the first housemate to come to the diary room.
SB - "Hello, Britney. How have you found your first day?"
Britney - "Well, I'm not quite sure how to put this ..."


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