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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 2 (Saturday 16 August 2003)
Settling In
Previously on Sim Brother III
The housemates have all arrived at the house that will be home to some of them for a maximum of 50 days. Sim Brother told them of a deliberate shortage of beds and that they would have to get to know each other in order to all have a bed to sleep in. Britney has just come to the Diary Room.

What Britney had to say
Britney – “It is really cool to be here but I don’t know how much people like me. Willie is really cool and I wouldn’t say no to an in-house romance. I could even become a princess and one day Queen Britney of England.
SB – “Which housemate do you least get on with?
Britney – “Graham is a funny guy but he rubs me up the wrong way. I suppose I could get to like him. Thanks for listening, Sim Brother
SB – “You’re welcome, Britney

Sleeping Arrangements
1.25am - Oprah, Hillary and George have been talking. The others have all gone to bed and the three late-nighters have finally decided to get some sleep themselves and all choose to sleep on the couches in the lounge.

Maggie is the only who is asleep in the girl's bedroom.
Ruud, Will and Graham are all asleep in the boy's room. With Ruud being the first one to bed, he claimed the double bed.

Britney never made it to the bedroom. After a faltering walk from the diary room, she finally collapsed in the corridor.

The First Breakfast
5.46am - Ruud is the first housemate awake in the Sim Brother house and prepares a cooked breakfast for the housemates.
7.44am - Hillary, Oprah, George, Britney are all sitting down with Ruud enjoying the breakfast that he has prepared. Britney tries to strike up a conversation with Ruud.
Britney - "Do you like my music, Ruud?"
Ruud - "I don't know what music you have, Britney."
Britney - "'Oops, I did it again' for example?"
Ruud - "What have you done again?"
8.13am - Maggie is awake, roused from her slumbers by the smell of Ruud's cooked breakfast and managed to get the last breakfast serving. Will was furious to find that there was no more breakfast.

8.37am - Hillary is quietly eating breakfast. She isn't attracting any attention as only an hour before, she had a "minor accident" of a toilet nature.

Breakages and Chaos
9.13am - Graham is the last housemate to get up.

10.04am - George is mopping up in the shower room after the shower floods.
10.42am - Only one day in and the house is getting into a mess. Cockroaches in the garden are freaking Hillary out.
Ruud and Oprah are playing basketball in the garden. It is another chance for Oprah to talk about her plans.
Oprah - "This place is degenerating into chaos. We need some form of order and structure to get this place going. I am going to have to take control of these people to get things organised."
Ruud - "I am with you all of the way"

Grumbling and Gossiping
11.11am - Maggie and George are in the bathroom.
George - "I need to change out of this outfit. I'm starting to smell."
Maggie - "I agree, dear. I want a change of sleepwear. These are awful."

Britney and Hillary are talking in the garden. Hillary has been trying to canvass Britney for support in her political campaign. However, she is not too successful.
Britney - "I'm not too clued up on nuclear energy. After all, it isn't as stinky as anything else."
Hillary - "That's not the point, Britney."
1.17pm - Only into the first full day and gossiping is starting in the Sim Brother house. Without knowing he is walking past, Will is talking to Maggie about Ruud.
Will - "He's too common to be in here. He's hanging around too much with Oprah and watching our every move."
Maggie - "You should be watching his. He is right behind you."
Will - "Oh hello, Ruud. How are you?"
Ruud - "Hello, Will."

The Afternoon
2.21pm - Graham has just enjoyed his first proper meal in the Sim Brother house of pasta bake prepared by Hillary and Oprah.

4.50pm - Siesta Time. Both Hillary and Oprah have gone to bed in the girl's bedroom and George is doing the same in the boy's bedroom.
6.02pm - Britney is asking Ruud about parties. Britney - "When is your birthday? If it was while we're in here, we would have a party."
Ruud - "I don't know when my birthday is ......"
7.27pm - Hillary, Maggie and Will are all gathered around the sink - all of them are wearing the regulation sleepwear that Sim Brother issued Hillary - "There is nothing here to make our life interesting. I am getting sick of it"
Maggie - "I am tired that we all look the same"
Will - "I am waiting for a butler"

Opera and Wally
9.15pm - With the rubbish still accumulating, Oprah picks on it.
Oprah - "Something has to be done, direct action needs to be taken"
Hillary - "And how do you prepare to do that, Oompah?"
Oprah - "It's Oprah"
Will - "Ok, Opera, it's up to you to sort it out."
Oprah - "Believe you me, Wally, I'm going to"
Will - "Opera, it's Willie"
Oprah - "Wally, whatever you say"

On the night
8.27pm - While George is sitting in the garden and Will is trying to improve his basketball, Maggie is doing the washing up. Hillary has not had much luck with toilet matters today as she manages to clog the toilet.
11.30pm - Will and Graham are in the garden playing basketball. Graham is being controversial.
Graham - "I think the monarchy is an outmoded idea. After all, do we need a Queen who doesn't have to work that much? What role does she play with your family?"
Will - "# There's no one quite like grandma, I hope you will agree. She's always been a friend to us. She's still a friend to me. #"


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