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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 3 (Sunday 17 August 2003)
Power Struggles and Incentives
Previously on Sim Brother III
Only two days in and the housemates are getting restless and complaining about not having fun. The house is in a mess and morale is already quite low. Can Sim Brother do anything to help them out?

Sleeping Problems
12.51am - Sim Brother's first trick of having limits on beds takes effect when coming back from the shower, Maggie finds that the Will is sleeping in the double bed she wanted to sleep in - "Good heavens, no, I can't just slip in next to royalty"

Too exhausted to find anywhere else to sleep, she falls asleep on the floor next to the bed.
1.56am - Hillary is the other one affected by the bed limits and she falls asleep on the couch in the lounge.

7.03am - Maggie is the first one up in the Sim Brother house. She has gone to the bookcase for something to read - "What a dull choice. Delia Smith, Handy Andy or the latest yawn of a ramble from Michael Palin."
7.33am - Hillary is preparing breakfast for the housemates.
8.52am - Oprah is too slow getting to the platter and loses the last meal to George. Graham prepares another full breakfast for himself, Oprah and anyone who would like second helpings - "There is enough here to make all of you happy until dinnertime"

An Incentive from Sim Brother

12.30pm - The housemates are gathered together in the lounge - "This is Sim Brother. Here are the details of your first task ..."
Graham - "This isn't fair. We've been caught off guard."
Sim Brother - "In the next four days, each of you has to make friends with at least one person and find as much about each other as possible. As an incentive, you will be given part of your reward first ..."
All - *cheers*
Sim Brother - "If you fail in the task, this incentive will be taken away. If you succeed, you will be rewarded further."
Ruud - "This doesn't make sense"
Oprah - "Somehow, I don't think it is supposed to"
Sim Brother - "One of the dark rooms will now be opened to you. Off to your right, you will now find a pool room. If you are not successful in your task, this room will be taken away from you. It is for your amusement until the task evaluation on Thursday, following which it will either be retained or sealed up."

1.41pm - George and Graham are first to take advantage of the new room. George prepares cocktails at the bar and Graham plays pool on his own - "I don't mind playing with myself but I'd rather someone else was here helping me knock my balls around"

3.16pm - Graham is now playing pool with Will and the subject of birthdays comes up
Graham - "Did you have a good 21st birthday party?"
Will - "It wasn't too bad, thanks, although the Osama impersonator who turned up was a bit of a washout. His act just needed a bit more work but I thought the palace security were a bit harsh in throwing him out and holding a national inquiry."

Plotting and Betrayal
5.15pm - Graham is unclogging one of the toilets and Ruud and Oprah are playing basketball in the garden. Oprah is still plotting.
Oprah - "Unless this improves, I am going to take over tomorrow morning. They need a head of house. This untidyness has gone too far."
Ruud says nothing.
7.28pm - Graham and George are talking about the state of the house
Graham - "I don't know about you, but this place is starting to stink"
George - "What do you suggest we do about it, Graham?"
Graham - "We need a man who can take control. It can't be me so I thought of you."
George - "Ok ... I'll talk to Sim Brother about it tomorrow"
7.48pm - Hillary was having a burger that Oprah had prepared when Ruud came to talk to her
Ruud - "This house is becoming a mess. Oprah is going to be head of house -"
Hillary - "Not on my watch she isn't. I'm the most qualified for that role"
Ruud - "I thought I'd better let you know"
Hillary - "You did the right thing, sweetie"

By Royal Request
9.28pm - Will comes to the Diary Room
SB - "Hello, Will, and how are you today?"
Will - "It's more roughing it than I thought. I was just wondering when I get my own room."
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you"
Will - "Well, how about a butler?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you"
Will - "Any special treatment at all for the 2nd-in-line to the throne?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you"
Will - "Will you ever change that broken record?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you"

Late Night Worries
10.28pm - Maggie is doing some tidying up. Hillary and Britney are disputing who is the strongest. Hillary is not impressed with Britney's claims that she is the fittest.

11.17pm - George has prepared a late dinner and Hillary, Oprah, Britney and Ruud are all sat down with him enjoying it. Oprah tells the housemates about her movie career and a role she had in a film starring Whoopi Goldberg.
11.50pm - Oprah, Britney and Hillary are in the bathroom and Britney is not pleased.
Britney - "Frankly, Hillary, I'm getting tired of it all."

Maggie comes to the Diary Room - "Sim Brother, I have a complaint ..."


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