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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 4 (Monday 18 August 2003)
Who's in charge?
Previously ...
Despite a pool room being opened up to the housemates, there is discord in the Sim Brother house. Turning into a pigsty, the housemates have not been paying attention to their home and turning their frustrations against Sim Brother. Rival camps are being formed to push Sim Brother into creating a Head of House with a hope to bring this to a conclusion. How will this be resolved?

Maggie has come to the Diary Room.

What's on Maggie's mind?
SB - "What is the problem, Maggie?"
Maggie - "I'm not usually one to complain but things are becoming quite chaotic here. Thankyou for the pool room but somehow ... well, I don't quite know how to put it ... the natives are restless ... is there anything else you can do?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you"
Maggie - "Thankyou very much, Sim Brother. I knew you'd do something."

Sleeping in the Lounge
6.38am - Maggie and Hillary have both missed out on the beds again and slept in the lounge. Hillary has not slept well.
Hillary - "Maggie, are you awake?"
Maggie - "I wasn't ... but I am now."
Hillary - "I'm going to see Sim Brother about taking charge."
Maggie - "Wonderful ... if he'll let you. "
Hillary - "Oh? And what do you mean about that?"
Maggie - "You aren't the only one who wants to take charge ... now can I get back to sleep please?"
Hillary - "Oh ... sorry, sweetie"

In the Morning
9.30am - Graham is out of bed and is on his way to the bathroom - "Who designed this place? It's such a long way to the toilet and I could wet myself by the time I get there. They could have done a better ."

Will is already in the bathroom brushing his teeth.
11.45am - Hillary is in the Pool Room with George.
Hillary - "I'm not happy with what is going on. Oprah thinks she's the one to take over. I think I'm the one who should take a leadership role. I'm the one who is qualified to take it."
George - "I don't know, Hillary. The fact you are a senator out there doesn't mean you are the best one to lead us."
Hillary - "I was voted into the role out there. I'd be voted into the role in here."
George - "We'll see about that. You missed your ball, by the way."

Canvassing Candidates
1.30pm - Ruud and Oprah are still asleep. Britney, Will and Graham are sat outside talking.
Graham - "I don't know about you but someone has to take charge. I'm backing George if Sim Brother gives us the option of a house leader."
Will - "I think Hillary should do it. She's got the experience in politics."
Britney - "I'm with Graham. George should do it. He's got nice eyes."
2.44pm - Maggie and George are talking about the cloudy political situation in the house.
Maggie - "George darling, someone has to take control here and give us some structure. I actually think Sim Brother doesn't know what is going on. I'm too much of a schoolmistress to get respect around here but you could do it."
George - "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party, I guess"
3.43pm - Oprah still wants a crack at leadership but finds out that her support is limited.
Britney - "Actually, Oprah, we think George will do a better job."
Oprah - "Hey, I was the wake up call here. I was counting on your support."
Britney - "I was a sinking voter but George is so cute and he's got my vote."
4.35pm - George asks Graham for his support. George - "If I get some authority here, I need your back up."
Graham - "If it's better than getting my back up, you've got it."

The Acid Queen speaks ...
5.51pm - Most of the housemates are in the kitchen. A harsh familiar female voice is heard - "This is Sim Brother ..."
Graham - "Oh no, she's back"
Sim Brother (AR) - "Sometime during the series, there may be a head of house contest. It is not going to be today ..."
All - *Cries of frustration*
Sim Brother - "Oh do shut up, you politicking pansies. Sort out your personality issues yourselves. Pigsty or a palace, it's up to you. Goodbye."
George seizes the opportunity - "I don't want to live in a pigsty so let's get this place sorted out. Graham, you do the bathrooms, I'll start in here with anyone who will help. Britney, are you with me?"
Britney - "Anything for you, Georgie"
Graham - "I like an authoritative man. So masculine."

Brushed Off
11.22pm - Oprah is in the garden with Ruud. She isn't pleased with him.
Oprah - "I thought I could count on you. You let me down."
Ruud - "I was asleep today. How can you blame me?"
Oprah - "Because you weren't there. That's enough."
Ruud - "It won't happen again."
Oprah - "Yeah, sure."

The first few days in a series of Sim Brother house are crucial in establishing the pecking order and keeping them on their toes. In the first few days, we have seen the house become shabby and untidy through the laissez-faire attitude of the housemates. Their recognition of the need of a leader was paramount after only two days but expecting Sim Brother to do what they ask is their first lesson in how the house works.

Oprah tried to take the power first and was rejected by the housemates for her approach.
Hillary expected to take the power by virtue of her role in the outside world.
George was given the role of leader by the other housemates instead

Ultimately, the housemates were reminded that the power is always in the hands of Sim Brother.


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