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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 19 (Tuesday 5 February 2002)
Is Annie a softie?
A Private Secret
By 5am, Jennifer had been up long enough to have a shower and make breakfast for the others. During the morning, Anne took Jennifer to one side to show her something rather personal.

Anne - "This is Mr.Flopsy. Say hello to Jenny, Mr.Flopsy"
Jennifer - "Aww, that's cute, Annie"
Anne - "Don't you dare tell the others about this, please. They'll think I'm a big softie."

The Second Heats
At 3pm, the second heats began.
Sim Brother selected Tom to play Jerry and Anne to play Jennifer.

It was a long afternoon for the players. It took over three hours for Annie to beat Jennifer 2-1. Jerry also got the same score against Tom half-an-hour after.

Once she had something to eat, Anne came to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother - "How do you feel about the chess today, Anne?"
Anne - "I feel good for winning today, although I would rather have played Jennifer in the final. She was a skilful opponent. With anyone else, I would have probably beaten them 2-0"
Sim Brother - "And how are you feeling about when you are informed about who is leaving?"
Anne - "I have nothing bad to say about the voters. I am wary about it, though. I don't know how I am coming across to people out there. I just hope that a lot of people put votes in ... and hopefully for the others rather than me"
Sim Brother - "If it was up to you now, who would you like to see leave?"
AR - "I don't want to see anyone go, but as it is part of the game, I think MNM should go. I don't think he wants to play any more"

Behind the Camera
When a riot started downtown, caused by people rushing to place a 2-1 bet on MNM staying in the Sim Brother house at an unlicensed bookmaker, the SimCity Police Department had to clamp down on the bookies "allegedly" working for the Maximus Crime Syndicate. Vice Squad officers said that a one of them had claimed he had a "dead cert" about MNM still being in the house on Friday that caused the rush.

"Jimmy" Maximus appeared last night on the "Betty Newbie" show and denied any involvement in gambling. Instead, he gave his wife some free publicity - "Princess Zaghawa has been talking to people from SimStar Movies about playing the role of 'Anne' in 'Trust and Betrayal - The Sim Brother Story'"

When asked about who would be playing MNM, he said it would probably be some actor who nobody had heard of.


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