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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 5 (Tuesday 19 August 2003)
Fire and Sparks
Previously ...
Sim Brother let the housemates know who was in charge and that they did not call the shots. George took unofficial control of the situation and managed to start getting the house tidier and restoring some morale. Oprah felt Ruud had betrayed her and gave him the brush off.

Hillary's Night
12.22am - Britney is taking a shower. 12.56am - Ruud is upset and Hillary comforts him.
Ruud - "Oprah isn't happy with me. She says I let her down."
Hillary - "Ruud sweetie, I'm happy with you. She's just one person. I'll be your friend."
3.01am - Ruud is having a shower.
Britney is also still awake. Hillary asks her about Will.
Hillary - "Britney hon, Will's a nice guy. He's single and his family is loaded."
Britney - "I don't know if he likes me, Hiccupy."
Hillary - "Just get to know him better and you'll find out."

Ruud in the Diary Room
4.21am - Ruud comes to the Diary Room. Sim Brother tonight is male, African American and has a deep voice.
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Good evening, Ruud. Is there something wrong?"
Ruud - "I don't know if I belong. Things aren't working out for me in here."
SB - "Why do you think that is?"
Ruud - "I try to do my best but I get tackled and fouled."
SB - "You will feel better about it in the morning, Ruud."

The Man who might be King
8.31am - Most of the housemates have been up during the night. Maggie is preparing breakfast. Will is playing pool with Oprah
Oprah - "I saw you kept out of the power struggle. Why?"
Will - "It's a bit like dad keeps telling me. One day I will be king."
Oprah - "So why sweat yourself over something like this, huh?"
Will - "Exactly"

The Brave Firefighter

9.16am - Fire breaks out while Maggie is preparing breakfast and she bravely fights the flames with the , Graham and Hillary scream hysterically. None of them are prepared to join in.

9.47am - Over 30 minutes later, is still fighting the fire and slowly winning. Oprah and Will are now also screaming hysterically.

11.00am - While having a chat with Oprah, they talk about Will
Maggie - "I'm sure he's taking a shine to Britney."
Oprah - ""That could be. They sure seem as though they could be the couple that click in here."
Maggie - "The first romance of the series, perhaps. Watch this space."

When Will met Britney
3.35pm - Britney and Will are playing pool
Will - "Did you ever consider an inhouse romance when you applied?"
Britney - *shy smile* "Not really ... but I wouldn't turn it down. What about you?"
Will - "Well ... er ... I don't know what dad or grandma would say but I wouldn't turn it down if it happened."
6.25pm - After spending most of the afternoon together, things appear to be getting on better for Will and Britney. They have talked more about inhouse romances, his time being king and her failing music career.
Will - "I'm sure you'll do it again ... you'll get a hit, baby, one more time"

Sage Counsel
7.25pm - Oprah is preparing a lentil caserole for dinner.
While waiting for dinner, Will talks to George about Britney
Will - "George, I don't really know what to do. You seem to be a man of the world. I just want some advice on how to handle Britney."
Will - "Take it easy and go with the flow. If she doesn't like it, there are plenty more duchesses and princesses in the world. Have fun. This is only a game, buddy."
10.28pm - After dinner and chatting with the others, Will goes to bed. He has just got in when someone else joins him.


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