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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 6 (Wednesday 20 August 2003)
Sim Brother gets online
Previously ...
Maggie managed to succesfully fight the first fire in the house without any help from the other housemates. Romance may be in the air between Will and Britney as they ended up sharing a double bed together. What happened in that bed is still a mystery.

Up at night
1.08am - Ruud doesn't feel like going to bed and is playing pool. After potting the white ball four times in a row, he goes to bed. sleeps on the floor in the showers.

3.22am - Will cannot sleep and makes himself a something to eat. He appears to have something on his mind.

Graham's Nocturnal Visit
5.42am - Graham comes to the Diary Room. The on-duty Sim Brother is an American-sounding lady.
Sim Brother (RL) - "Hey Graham, are you ok?"
Graham - "Apart from falling asleep in puddle in the showers, I'm doing fine thanks. I came in here to see how you are ... and how are you? It must be very lonely in here for you on a night." *silence* "Not allowed to say anything? Awww ... that's a shame. Your bosses are too hard on you. I'll let you go and have a nap while I find a new outfit and then get some sleep myself."

Tools or toys
8.27am - Sim Brother has set up for the housemates a PC Room. Graham and Ruud are already looking at it.
Ruud - "It's not connected. I can't do anything with it. The moment it does come up, I'll work wonders."
Graham - "I would have thought you could at least play 'The Sims Online' on it"
Ruud - "Not even a 14-day test version There is no power or connection yet."
11.36am - Maggie is now in the PC room

Maggie - "Gentlemen, I appear to have found 'SimCity 3000' ... no wonder the medium-zoned commercial district is failing, there is no water, there's garbage in the parks ... good heavens ... "

The other housemates leave her to it.

Sim Brother gets technical

12.00pm - The housemates are together in the lounge when they are addressed by their unseen overseer.
Sim Brother (SC) - "Housemates, you have until midnight tonight to have made friends with at least one other. Also, in 12 hours, you are examined on your knowledge of each other ..."
Britney - "Willie and I are usually in bed by then"
William - "It's Will ... I am not a Willie"
Britney - "Did I say you were a willie, snookums?"
William - *muttering under breath* "My dad is going to kill me"
SB - "In order to assist you, the computers in the PC room have got limited connections to the internet and the 'Doodle' search engine where you will find answers on everyone in here. Good luck."

The Tall Guy
4.37pm - George and Maggie are in the showers
Maggie - "How is unofficial power treating you?"
George- "It's no different really. It's a nice feeling but that's it."
Maggie - "Good ... because I want a favour. We're all tired of these PJs and we'd like you to use your influence and get us our own choice."
George- "That's a tall order."
Maggie - "You're a fairly tall guy. You should be able to reach."

Hacked Off
9.49pm - Almost all of the housemates are in the PC Room researching what they can about each other using the Doodle search engine. Ruud has found something else out.
Ruud - "Will, I don't want to tell tales but TSZ Livestream are putting bets on what happened with you and Britney last night - "
Britney "Willie showed me how much he loves me, isn't that right, snookums?"
Oprah "Forget that!! How have you managed to get onto that website? Doodle isn't showing it."
Ruud - "My fellow Dutchman and good friend FaStCaT taught me something about hacking -"
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Will Ruud please come to the diary room?"

10.15pm - Ruud has come to the Diary Room
Sim Brother (JEJ) - "Ruud, you have misused the privileges given to you with the PCs that have become available to you. Due to contributory negligience from Sim Brother, no disciplinary action will be taken against you but this must not happen again. The weekly task is postponed and the PC room is off limits until the network is fixed."

11.22pm - With word that the task was delayed, most of the housemates are already in bed. Britney has assumed that she can still share a bed with Will. She is wrong.
Will - "Sorry, Brit, but I'd rather sleep on my own. You're a sweet girl but I don't know what people are thinking out there but I am not going to give them anything else to go from."
Britney is holding back the tears as she reluctantly gets out of bed.


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